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Re: Flying Saucers - The Greatest Lie Ever Told

From: Dave Morton <Marspyrs.nul>
Date: Sat, 12 May 2012 07:10:01 -0400 (EDT)
Archived: Sat, 12 May 2012 09:19:10 -0400
Subject: Re: Flying Saucers - The Greatest Lie Ever Told

>Source: James Carrion's Follow The Magic Thread


>Tuesday, May 8, 2012

>Flying Saucers - The Greatest Lie Ever Told
>Update from the Center for UFO Truth (CUT)

>Winston Churchill's famous quote that 'in wartime, truth is so
>precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of
>lies' rings as true today in modern warfare as it did back
>during those precarious WW2 years. But it was the turbulent
>times of peace that came right after the Great War, which found
>the West scrambling to avoid yet another world wide armed
>confrontation, this time because of the rising menace of the
>Soviet Union. With millions of war dead fresh in the collective
>consciousness of the conflict weary United States and its
>allies, these nations contemplated their new found peace and
>wondered how long it could be maintained.

>It was during these nail biting times of extreme anxiety over
>the Soviet Union?s next move, that intrepid American men took
>into their own hands the fate of the nation. Drawing upon their
>considerable success, in partnership with the British, in
>deceiving the Axis powers during the war as well as their
>amazing feats of code breaking that turned the tide of battle
>both in Europe and in the Pacific, a secret cabal of concerned
>patriots came together with the singular purpose of using their
>well-honed skills against this new enemy of freedom.

>With the Venona Project decodes drying up after Soviet changes,
>predicting the enemy's actions without reading their message
>traffic only exacerbated the growing feelings of the dread that
>a new war was right around the corner. But to break the Soviet
>code required either access to the cryptographic material or the
>computational power of modern day code breaking computers ? the
>latter did not yet exist and the former was carefully guarded.

>So an amazing plan was hatched to employ a successful
>technique used during WW2, called 'gardening' which during the
>War involved the placement of false news stories that the Allies
>knew the Axis would be interested in, wait for the news stories
>to be encoded and transmitted by Axis agents, and after
>intercepting the coded transmissions, the Allies could then work
>out the code system; already having the known plain text in

>But what could possibly arouse the interest of the Soviet Union
>in American Press articles during a time of peace? Enter the Big
>Lie: the creation of the modern day UFO myth.

>[More at site... thanks to 'The Norm' for the lead]

Perhaps this post could fall into the category of "Psychology"
or "Brain Injury".

What we have here, is a failure to communicate - and much more.
It's the amazing story of how a "True Believer" was changed into
a "True Dummy".

Maybe the title should be 'Cult Shifting'. "I Was a Teenage True
Believer, But Now I'm a Just a Dummy". The author of this
weirdness is James Carrion.

He seems to be claiming that General Vandenberg managed to
convince all the reporters of the world to run phony stories
about flying aucers in 1947, in order to flush out Soviet spies
and decipher their code.

Kenneth Arnold was apparently the victim of a hoax, sighting
phony flying saucers. A good trick if you can do it.

And Roswell? Who knows? Either some kind of hoax on the ground,
or a completely fabricated story fed to the press. Prove it, James.

Then, when the Soviet spies transmitted their flying saucer
stories to HQ, the Americans would find it easier to crack their
code since they already knew the content of the story.
Decrypting code into a decoded message is easier if you have the
plain text message to begin with. (That much is true).

This sounds like a government dis-information attempt similar to
the Mogul Balloons, where the Moguls supposedly explained the
exotic debris in the desert found by Mac Brazel, Major Marcel,
and others. You know: The Top Secret rubber, radio, and
microphone for the Top Secret plot to find out if the Soviets
had exploded an A-bomb yet - an objective the Soviets were
totally clueless about given their lack of understanding of
global politics, secrecy, spying, military power, atomic bombs,
and so forth. I mean, who would have thought we would spy on

Weren't the Soviets just primitive peasants who happened to
produce the world's best tank - the T-34 - entirely by accident?
Weren't they accidental psychologists with their broadcasts to
German troops in Stalingrad, telling them that every 7 seconds
another German soldier dies, then ticking off 7 seconds?

Of course not. The Soviets were masters of psychology and
military defense, so Mogul 'spy balloons', or something similar,
would have been fully expected by the Soviets. It's like not
telling the Soviets that the grass is green because it's "Top
Secret". I'm pretty sure they already knew the grass is green,
and they knew that the Americans would try to figure out how far
they'd come in their weaponization of fissionable materials.

Did the Soviets need to rely on spies to send encrypted info
about Roswell, when it was in all the papers AND on the radio?
They would already have known about it without the need for
encrypted messages sent by spies. Send it in plain text, if you
must send it, or just tell your boss in Moscow to pick up the
latest issue of the Chicago newspapers for an interesting story.

So let's call this 'Imaginary Land 3' - another clumsy attempt
to fool the public. Forget the RAWIN balloons (1), forget the
Mogul balloons (2). No. The entire Roswell event was a hoax
perpetrated by the government in order to flush out Soviet spies
and help us read their code (3). I'm looking forward to
explanations 4, 5, and 6. They should be whoppers! Perhaps we'll
read the 'real' Ramey memo and it will say "The Violins Of The
Wreck", much to our surprise, and the Roswell story will take on
an entirely new and unexpected direction.

What about various witnesses in the Roswell area to strange
lights in the sky? CIA agents? What about the strange debris
gathered up by Marcel, and spread out on his kitchen floor?
Planted by the CIA? What about the alien bodies? A load of
super-sized dolls? What about the telegram in General Ramey's
hand? A real telegram with a fake message?

He offers no evidence of a hoaxed Roswell event. None. Zero.
His real identity appears to be a "Useful Idiot" being 'used' by

Maybe that's his CIA code name.

"This is Condor. No, wait. That was my old code name. This is
'Useful Idiot'. How do you spell FOIA?"

"Just walk away from the phone, Condor. Don't hang it up.

And don't go home. We'll bring you in."

Yet he calls himself a "Truth Seeker" at The Magic Thread. An
odd moniker in his case - the "Truth Seeker" - who apparently
believes in magic. A True Believer in magic - the magic of
Official But Utterly Ridiculous Explanations (OBURE's). Maybe if
he follows the Yellow Brick Road far enough in his quest for the
truth, he'll reach Emerald City, and the Wizard will take him
back to Kansas. I hope so.

Carry on, oh Truth Seeker. We'll get you some help as soon as we

(And by the way, Mr. Truth Seeker, it was mainly the Poles and
the Brits who cracked the German Enigma code during WW2. Tell
the truth.)

Dave Morton

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