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MOD Files And Rendlesham

From: Isaac Koi <isaackoi.nul>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 16:16:09 +0100
Archived: Mon, 14 May 2012 11:48:15 -0400
Subject: MOD Files And Rendlesham

Most of you will be familiar with the various releases by the UK
National Archives of Ministry of Defence files relating to UFOs.

While the PDF versions of those files are searchable, the
results only include a fraction of the actual occurrences of the
search term. I had originally thought that the poor search
results were an unavoidable consequence of the quality of the
scanned material, but have found that the results can be
dramatically improved by running the PDF files released by the
National Archives though Adobe Acrobat=92s OCR tool (which took my
computer about 36 hours to complete).

As a result, I thought it worth posting a word of warning about
this issue to those searching the PDF files as released by the
National Archives.

Incidentally, using the improved collection of PDF files and the
free software I=92ve previously mentioned (PDF-Xchange Viewer) to
search that collection, I've compiled the list below of National
Archive files containing Ministry of Defence documents which
include the word =93Rendlesham=94. This list is intended to be a
first step in any systematic review of such documents - in the
same way that I=92ve been compiling and cross-referencing details
of books, articles and documentaries on this incident. The
search results are actually more useful, since they include
snippets surrounding each occurrence of the word =93Rendlesham=94
and can be clicked upon to show the relevant page -- but I think
you=92d need to quickly duplicate the search on your own computer
to be able to see this information.

_NB_ The list below is almost certainly not exhaustive. However,
it is something to build upon (both in terms of completeness and
also by annotating it with a summary of the relevant contents,
which in most cases is simply a page or two of correspondence).
I=92d be interesting in seeing how complete the search results are
now. The main purpose of this email is simply to give a word of
warning in relation to the PDF files as released.

The main file at the National Archives relating to Rendlesham,
obviously, is DEFE 24-1948 (sometimes -- such as on the Wikipedia
page on Rendlesham -- erroneously said to include =93all documents
relating to the incident=94).

A letter from the MOD dated 2 April 1992 [in the DEFE 25-1956
file] stated that =93=85 the only information that we have regarding
this UFO sighting is Lieutenant Colonel Halt=92s report. There was
no Ministry of Defence investigation into this sighting, and
there are no Ministry of Defence documents on this subject=94. The
statement that "there are no Ministry of Defence documents on
this subject" was, um, potentially misleading.

So far, I've noted the following National Archive files as
containing MOD documents referring to Rendlesham.

Has anyone else noted any further relevant files?

DEFE 24-1925
DEFE 24-1929
DEFE 24-1930
DEFE 24-1931
DEFE 24-1941
DEFE 24-1942
DEFE 24-1948
DEFE 24-1949
DEFE 24-1955
DEFE 24-1956
DEFE 24-1957
DEFE 24-1958
DEFE 24-1963
DEFE 24-1964
DEFE 24-1966
DEFE 24-1967
DEFE 24-1968
DEFE 24-1969
DEFE 24-1970
DEFE 24-1971
DEFE 24-1973
DEFE 24-1978
DEFE 24-1979
DEFE 24-1980
DEFE 24-1981
DEFE 24-1982
DEFE 24-1983
DEFE 24-1986
DEFE 24-1991
DEFE 24-1992
DEFE 24-1993
DEFE 24-1994
DEFE 24-1995
DEFE 24-1996
DEFE 24-1997
DEFE 24-1998
DEFE 24-1999
DEFE 24-2001
DEFE 24-2002
DEFE 24-2004
DEFE 24-2006
DEFE 24-2009
DEFE 24-2011
DEFE 24-2012
DEFE 24-2013
DEFE 24-2014
DEFE 24-2015
DEFE 24-2016
DEFE 24-2018
DEFE 24-2019
DEFE 24-2021
DEFE 24-2023
DEFE 24-2024
DEFE 24-2025
DEFE 24-2026
DEFE 24-2027
DEFE 24-2029
DEFE 24-2030
DEFE 24-2032
DEFE 24-2033
DEFE 24-2034
DEFE 24-2037
DEFE 24-2038
DEFE 24-2040
DEFE 24-2041
DEFE 24-2042
DEFE 24-2044
DEFE 24-2047
DEFE 24-2048
DEFE 24-2049
DEFE 24-2050
DEFE 24-2052
DEFE 24-2053
DEFE 24-2054
DEFE 24-2055
DEFE 24-2056
DEFE 24-2057
DEFE 24-2060
DEFE 24-2064
DEFE 24-2066
DEFE 24-2067
DEFE 24-2069
DEFE 24-2070
DEFE 24-2071
DEFE 24-2072
DEFE 24-2075
DEFE 24-2076
DEFE 24-2085
DEFE 24-2086
DEFE 24-2091
DEFE 24-2092
DEFE 24-2094
DEFE 31-182
DEFE 31-184
DEFE 31-186
DEFE 31-188

All the best,


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