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Government Psychic Spies And Extraterrestrials

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Subject: Government Psychic Spies And Extraterrestrials

Source: HuffPo



Government Psychic Spies And Extraterrestrials
Alejandro Rojas

In April, SRI International announced it will be taking over the
management of the Allen Telescope Array, whose primary purpose
is listening for signals from extraterrestrial civilizations.
The array was built by the Search for Extraterrestrial
Intelligence Institute (SETI) and the University of California,
with the majority of funding coming from its namesake, computer
magnate, Paul Allen. SRI is no stranger to controversial
projects. In the '70s SRI developed a method of psychic spying
called "Remote Viewing," which quickly caught the attention of
the CIA, and eventually culminated into a formal project ran by
U.S. Army intelligence. Founding members of this clandestine
organization claim they even used their skills to remote view
UFOs and extraterrestrials.

SRI was originally the Stanford Research Institute, however, in
1970 it severed its ties with Stanford to become an independent
non-profit organization and settled on the name SRI
International in 1977. Founded in 1946, SRI is a research
institute responsible for many important inventions including
the computer mouse you are using to scroll through this story
right now.

In the early '70s, SRI physicist, Dr. Harold Puthoff, began
looking into psychic phenomena. According to the book, Psi
Spies, by Jim Marrs, Puthoff's interests were piqued after
reading a book on Russian psychic experiments. His colleague,
Clive Backster, had been working on psychic experiments and one
of the men he worked with, Ingo Swann, seemed to exhibit real
psychic abilities. One of these skills being what Swann called
"Remote Viewing," which was visualizing objects or places at a

The same book that had piqued Puthoff's interest in psychic
phenomena, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, had
prompted the CIA to begin monitoring the Russian's psychic
research and inspired them to begin their own. They contacted
SRI in 1972, and convinced by Swann's ability, the CIA funded
Project Scanate. This eventually turned into the Army
intelligence project Stargate, in which the remote viewing
protocols SRI had developed were taught to a group of soldiers
who would use the skill to remote view for various intelligence
agencies. Stargate was headquartered at Fort Meade in Maryland.

Army intelligence officer Joe McMoneagle was the first man
taught by SRI to remote view for project Stargate. In an
interview, McMonegale told me

[More at site... thanks to 'The Norm' for the lead]

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