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Re: Pat Delgado's Family Issues Statement

From: Dave Haith <visions1.nul>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 18:59:58 +0100
Archived: Thu, 17 May 2012 07:17:43 -0400
Subject: Re: Pat Delgado's Family Issues Statement



>The accusation of trickery on the part of medium Robbert van den
>Broeke is unsupported in Colin Andrews' article. The motivation
>for that accusation seems to be disbelief in an anomalous event
>and a perceived attack on the good name of the deceased Pat


>Robbert van den Broeke's video showing the process that captured
>the two anomalous images is at the following url.


>An attempt to debunk the images is presented at


>The author of the latter video argues that the faces in
>Robbert's images match warped versions of faces found in an old
>YouTube video. But people's faces don't change that much over
>time, so the source of the image is not particularly relevant,
>especially if warping and stretching of the image is done to
>optimize the match. Although some people may accept the argument
>as proof of trickery, merely showing that one can reproduce an
>effect does not prove that the original effect was a fraud. What
>it does do is discourage any further thinking about what may be
>going on.

>I've been thinking about this kind of thing lately, especially
>in the context of physical mediumship. It seems that
>reproductions of objects that existed in the past is more the
>rule than the exception. Apports, or objects that seemingly
>appear in mid-air in the seance room, often seem to be from
>another era as if they existed in the past.

>The same can be said for photos found on unopened film after a
>seance. These photos are often reproductions from books in
>libraries, old newspapers, or someone's personal photo
>collection. So maybe it should not be surprising that Robbert's
>anomalous photos are similar to photos subsequently found
>elsewhere. At the very least, it is nowhere near proof of fraud.

>On the other hand, proof of the absence of fraud is hard to come
>by after the fact. The procedure shown in Robbert's video is a
>nod to proper control, but obviously could be much improved. At
>this point, the onus for proof of fraud lies with the accuser.
>In the absence of such proof, the most one can legitimately do
>is reserve judgment.

I agree William that the history of paranormal photos and
apports is full of copies of versions in the physical world.

Google the Scole Experiment to see some good examples.

To be fair to Robbert, he or Nancy make no secret of the fact
that some of his claimed paranormal photos mirror, or come close
to mirroring, existing photos.

I remember he manifested the photo of a soldier later found to
be in a book of a neighbour - and this was freely admitted by
Nancy and Robbert.

I imagine most people in this group will assume - especially
after viewing the debunking video - that this is all trickery.
And there's little doubt in my mind that that particular news
clip was in some way instrumental in the production of Robbert's
images of Pat Delgado and Dave Chorley.  Just look at that wisp
of hair on the left of Pat's forehead - neatly duplicated in
Robbert's fuzzy image.

But as you say this doesn't actually prove fakery.

The famous Ted Serios produced images in his 'thoughtography'
similar to images he may have seen.

So the questions are:

Did Robbert or an accomplice see the video images and somehow
copy them onto his camera with trickery?

Did Robbert see the video newsclip and somehow innocently
transfer his memory of the images onto the camera chip?

Or did the deceased Pat or Dave or some other spirits do the
business paranormally - perhaps consulting the Akashic Records
(not sure if according to occult tradition they include news
videos!) as some kind of Wikipedia?

It's an intriguing paranormal 'whodunnit'...

Dave Haith

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