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Re: Daddy Needs His Medicine - Cox

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Subject: Re: Daddy Needs His Medicine - Cox

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>Subject: UFO UpDate: Daddy Needs His Medicine - Cox

>Source: Billy Cox's De Void


>Monday, May 14, 2012

>Daddy Needs His Medicine
>by Billy Cox

>De Void liked it better when the 1947 Roswell UFO crash was
>attributed to space aliens. It was a more palatable notion, or
>at least more benign. Here they were, off-world de Gamas and
>Magellans, trying hard to tip-toe above a planet newly gutted by
>primitives, ego and apocalyptic insecurities. The explorers are
>easing around the edges of the heart of darkness =97 in this case,
>New Mexico, blistered by Earth=92s first atomic explosion,
>experimenting with new missile and bomber delivery systems =97
>when suddenly, their lonely vessel strays too close, takes a
>lightning strike and boom, bodies and techno-treasure litter
>foreign sands.

>Au [re]voir, sweet fiction.

>Now we know: It was us all along. The worst, skankiest, most
>paranoid facets of human impulse, all crammed into a narrative
>of deceit and treachery aimed at bamboozling our own species. So
>it=92s time we just owned up to it and admitted we=92re lowdown web-
>spinning scumbags, maybe in need of an asteroid fix.

>We knew the alien thing was bogus back in 2005 when Nick Redfern
>published Body Snatchers in the Desert. This is when we learned,
>according to a description, =93the darkest secret of the US
>Government =97 that a post-WW2 program used the deformed and
>crippled bodies of adults and children in biological and nuclear
>experiments.=94 Yeah =97 the Roswell corpses weren=92t ETs, but the
>handiwork of Imperial Japan=92s twisted scientists.

>Then, last year...

>[More at site... thanks to 'The Norm' for the lead]

Dear List:

It is hard for Americans to swallow the fact that the U.S.
government incarcerated Japanese-Americans. Because a small
number of the detainees protested and claimed their rights as
citizens, they were considered "trouble makers," tortured and
denied their citizenship. It did take place and it did take
place in New Mexico near Fort Stanton. Down the road from the
so-called Roswell debris field.

And, it certainly was a nasty, skanky action paid for my the
American taxpayer. The American population was fed propaganda
claiming it was the greatest and most freedom loving government
in the world and yet it was rounding up people they considered
undesirables who were American citizens. People who sided with
the Americans in World War II.

Put the above together with the fact that Werner von Braun and a
secret group of relocated German scientists were putting
together the beginnings of a program later called Dynasoar - a
space program.

It is possible that to cover up and make an attempt to appease
the Japanese-Americans, held at Fort Stanton, they were given a
way to reclaim and show that they were "good Americans". I guess
what is not known by many ufo researchers was the number of
prototypical exotic air craft being tested in the New Mexican
outback. I cannot see a conflict between training the short
statured, shaved/bald-headed, physically fit Japanese-Americans
trained to fly the exotic air craft. They were considered the
dross of American society and expendable.

So, I don't agree with Nick Redfern. The Americans didn't need
twisted Chinese scientists. They had detainees from a secret
camp in New Mexico. Detainees who wanted to back to their homes
and families on the West Coast of America and possibly were
promised just that if only they would help the American
government win the war by participating in a covert program.
What a very sad comment on agencies of the American government.
What a load for the American people to carry without being aware
of what was done in their name.


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