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Re: Pat Delgado's Family Issues Statement

From: Eleanor White <ewraven1.nul>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 19:03:13 -0400
Archived: Thu, 17 May 2012 07:52:31 -0400
Subject: Re: Pat Delgado's Family Issues Statement

>From: cprandrews.nul
>Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 3:49 PM
>Subject: Family Issues Statement


>Nancy Talbott (BLT) and Robbert van den Broeke have made many
>claims, which have included capturing on digital photographs
>UFOs, animals of all kinds and even Elvis Presley. Robbert
>claims special knowledge of when and where crop circles will
>appear near his home and they have. I must though say that
>these have all been very un-impressive and highly reminiscent
>of many hoaxes Ive seen over the years.

Recently, Nancy Talbott and Robbert van den Broeke appeared on
two successive Paracast podcasts, hosted by Gene Steinberg and
Chris O'Brien. Gene, and Chris too, were very unimpressed by
Robbert's photos.

Indeed, many of Robbert's photos contain what are clearly,
though slightly distorted, clipped areas of photographs in the
public domain. What's more, these clipped areas sometimes
appear over and over, in successive photos taken by Robbert.

But over the years, what I have heard reported by Nancy on the
subject of crop circles is exhaustive research, aimed at getting
at scientifically verified truth for bona fide crop circles
(which exhibit characteristics absent in hoaxed circles.) Could
it be that Nancy has tossed her careful evidence-based approach
aside, and is now knowingly assisting a hoaxer? I find that
hard to believe.

Furthermore, Nancy has made a great deal of effort to go and see
Robbert's environment, friends and family herself, and she has
witnessed anomalous events, first hand while there.

Then, Nancy has put considerable documentary work into a six-
part article regarding Robbert's photos. In that article, she
does acknowledge the hoax-like elements in some of Robbert's
photos. She presents some original photos from which Robbert's
anomalous being images were almost certainly taken.

After reading that detailed article, my question was, would a
hoaxer, or someone promoting a hoaxer, actually publish the
photos from which the hoaxed photo elements were taken? I find
that inconceivable.

I don't hear Nancy or Robbert trying to promote any theory as to
what is causing the photo anomalies. They simply display the
results, and wonder aloud what is happening.

What it looks to me like is that some "entity" - perhaps the
same "entity" responsible for the crop circles - is for reasons
unknown, trying to _discredit_ Robbert by using pieces of photos
in the public domain and inserting them into Robbert's images.

That sounds absolutely bonkers, I know, but if Robbert and Nancy
are not perpetrating a hoax, then who or what _is_ cutting and
pasting parts of photos into Robbert's images?

Does the "entity" not like people with psychic ability
investigating crop circles? Is this an example of that
sometimes discussed "trickster element" at work?

I have only questions and no answers, but I think that Nancy is
quite capable of detecting a hoax, given her exhaustive
investigative history and abilities. I think it is far too soon
to just write Robbert's abilities off as being a hoax.

Nancy has told me she plans to post additional information
regarding Robbert's abilities and photos, so I'm going to wait
and see, before forming an opinion. Perhaps time will tell.

Eleanor White

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