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This Week At Inexplicata - May 16, 2012

From: Scott Corrales <lornis1.nul>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2012 06:38:10 -0400
Archived: Fri, 18 May 2012 06:35:04 -0400
Subject: This Week At Inexplicata - May 16, 2012


The Journal Of Hispanic Ufology

May 16, 2012

Spain: A Humanoid at Fuengirola (CE-3, 1976)
By Manuel Ramirez, "Ovnis en Andalucia"

On the night of 9-10 July, 1976, a group of young photography
enthusiasts agreed to travel to a small country home owned by
one of them in the vicinity of Fuengirola (Malaga). They reached
the house at around one o'clock in the morning on a warm summer
evening. The main purpose of their journey was to test new
photographic gear and spend some days at the beach. As they
settled in, a member of the group (as told by Manuel Linares to
researchers Miguel Peyro, Emilio Linares, In=E9s P=E9rez, Ignacio
Benvenuty, Ricardo Lineros and Manuel Ontivero of the CIEPE
group) informed his friends that according to word of mouth, a
flying saucer had been seen to sweep across the skies "like a
luminous stain". No one took him seriously.

However, shortly after taking photographs within the house, the
new arrivals began hearing a deep, powerful respiration,
comparable to a strange animal panting outside the dwelling. The
five young men went outside with more curiosity than fear,
thinking that it could be a prank, or the likelihood that a
burglar had taken advantage of the cover of darkness to conduct
his activities, as the summer house was normally unoccupied.
Armed with axes and machetes, the young men turned on some
flashlights and set out to explore the surroundings, hoping to
find the source of the odd panting they had heard in the silence
of the night. The heavy panting stopped the minute they turned
on their flashlights. The silence became more intense. It seemed
that alleged animal, or whatever it was, had vanished.

At five o'clock in the morning, Manuel Linares was roused from a
deep sleep by some strange noises. He alerted his friends and
all of them were able to hear the sound of panting respiration
once again, punctuated by a whistling sound resembling the sound
made by a car braking on pavement.

Three of the young men ran toward a hallway with a window that
opened precisely toward the location the sounds were being
heard. The approached it at a crouch, fearing discovery by the
strange visitor. When they reached the window, they saw the
source of the loud panting they'd heard...and it made their
blood run cold.

Standing beside a tree was a sort of very tall man, taller than
the tree itself, with two very bright sources of light where his
eyes should have been. The figure's outline was lost in the
darkness, although the figure appeared to be enveloped in a
black robe.

Following a few minutes of genuine panic, their reaction was to
find the machetes with which to fight off a possible act of
aggression from the strange prowler. Upon leaving the house,
they found that the figure had either concealed itself or
vanished. The only possible clue was that the surrounding
temperature became considerably warmer, and a powerful smell of
sulfur filled the air. Manuel Linares returned to his room, from
where he saw something even stranger.

"I saw a shadow walk past the doorway, neither quickly nor
slowly. I turned on the lights and tried to hide. The shadow,
making noises like the sound of deep breathing, walked right

Linares and his buddies took shelter in the house and didn't
dare leave again. Shortly after, a new sound startled them:
strange footsteps could be heard on the rooftop. Momentarily,
"something" started banging on the doors and windows, as though
trying to enter the house. The feeling was could not be
described. The banging sound faded after a while and there was
no further sign of the "visitor", but they'd experienced enough,
and returned to Seville immediately. The long night siege was

Only some facts bear out the story told by the five youths: in
that very same area, more or less a year before the night siege,
a series of unexplained events had taken place. Many animals of
various species had been found dead within a short span of time.
No natural cause was found to account for their deaths.

(Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic
Ufology. Special thanks to Jos=E9 Manuel Garcia Bautista)

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Spain: The Algeciras Humanoids (CE-3, 1980)
By Manuel Ramirez, "Ovnis en Andalucia"

On 12 February 1980, Rafael Tobajas, a resident of the city of
Algeciras, accompanied his wife to visit some friends, another
married couple in which the wife was bedridden with the flu.
=46rom the terrace of that apartment, Rafael Tobajas was able to
see some strange lights moving in the direction of "Los
Adalides". This marked the start of a strange story that was
echoed by the local press and became the talk of the town in

A strange phenomenon repeated itself night after night in
February 1980 along the local highway, known by the name
"Botafuego" and linking the towns of Llano de la Vega, Garganta
del Capit=E1n and Sierra de Ojen. Around 9:30 p.m. every night,
lights resembling white fireballs with violet hues crossed the
firmament. Many witnesses agreed that these object, upon
descending for closer inspection, resembled inverted teacups
with red and green lights, shooting beams of light, with
protruding antennae from their upper sections. The objects were
able to change position and altitude quickly. Their heading,
according to local witnesses, was always the same: from North to
South, descending slowly over Sierra de Oj=E9n toward the
Algeciras neighborhoods known as "Los Adalides", "La Granja" and
Camino Viejo de Los Barrios. The objects made no noise
whatsoever and moved speedily.

Rafael Tobajas and his wife, on their visit to the couple with
the ailing wife, were the first to see something strange in the
sky when they looked out on the apartment's terrace at nine
thirty in the evening. Tobajas had heard, like everyone else in
Algeciras, about the remarks being made in the city at the time,
and paid little attention to what he saw. He thought it was a
bright flash and re-entered the apartment without further
concern. Subsequently, however, driven by curiosity, he decided
to focus his eyes on the same spot in the distance. There was no
doubt that something was moving in the air, wobbling and
emitting readily discernible flashes of light. He summons his
host and asks him accompany him to the site for a closer look in
order to ascertain its nature and observe it in greater detail.
His friend declined, and Tobajas and his wife set off on their

Driving their car down the old road to Los Barrios, they passed
by the entrance to the Los Adalides school. Standing outside was
a group of thirty or forty boys armed with sticks and
flashlights. Tobajas exchanged some words with the boys and
three of them =96 as many as he could fit in his car =96 agreed to
join in on the closer look, since they too had seen something
odd in the night. Jos=E9 A. Sanjuan, Jos=E9 Rodriguez and Diego
Gutierrez boarded the car and guided Rafael Tobajas along the
narrow road leading to the area where the strange flying craft

A few kilometers away, upon reaching a garbage-burning pit in
the vicinity, they saw two bright lights on the slopes of the
Sierra de Ojen. Stopping the car, they used binoculars to focus
on two luminous masses dancing in the air for some ten or
fifteen minutes. The light show was attractive, but their
curiosity grew apace as they objects descended. Looking through
the binoculars and unaided, Tobajas, his wife and the three boys
were able to see that the two lights were like "headlights" of a
dark grey mass whose outlines could not be made out in the

Mrs. Tobajas is the first to discover something that will cause
fear and uncertainty among the group: She is able to see,
through binoculars, a figure emerging from the unknown craft and
standing nearly three meters tall, perhaps taller. Rafael
Tobajas took the lenses from his wife and confirms the sighting,
only it wasn't one, but two figures standing slightly over three
meters tall, clad in form-fitting khaki green outfits and
walking in slow motion, as though weighed down by their feet.
They saw the figures jumping over some bushes, at which point
their limbs became perfectly discernible.

The distance between one figure and the other was about a
hundred meters at most, and the vehicle was near a stream on the
slides of a small mound. No buzzing sounds are heard. The
brightness of the craft became more intense, causing the two
figures to cast their shadows over the stream. Walking slowly,
they appeared to be headed to where Tobajas and his companions
observed the events. The children were starting to panic, but
Tobajas, remaining calm, fears that something worse is about to
happen, as he cannot bring himself to believe what he is seeing.
He chooses to put the car in gear and abandon the area as
quickly as possible.

As the car raced away down the narrow road, the boys still feel
the sensation that the entities were coming after them, moving
slowly. After going around a curve, they lost sight of the
humanoids. The experiencers agree on what they have seen, and
numerous witnesses in the area corroborate the details of the

A few hours after the sighting, the main witness [Tobajas]
returned to the site, finding an array of strange footprints on
the ground. On this second venture, a person having no
connection to the first group, in order to insure objectivity,
accompanied him. The prints discovered in the vicinity of the
stream appear to belong =96 according to experts from the Red
Nacional de Corresponsales (National Correspondents Network) =96
to mortar rounds fired during exercises by the military brigade
at Botafuegos. They dismiss the possibility, however, that the
events seen that night could have had any connection to the
military. Furthermore, there is another detail that corroborates
the strange possibility of a humanoid presence in the area.

It took place a few kilometers away from the scene of the events
and has a single protagonist: the watchman of an automobile
graveyard near Los Barrios.

On the evening of 12 February 1980, the graveyard watchman was
snoozing inside one of the vehicles, which still had its doors
and windows, to shelter himself from the cold temperature. Fast
asleep, he suddenly felt a hand pounding on the car window. He
woke up suddenly and was stunned by what he saw. On the other
side of the auto glass, he saw an entity with female features,
slanted eyes and greenish skin. Taking hold of a long stake he
kept handy to ward off potential thieves, and gripped by a
mixture of panic and bravery, the watchman opened the car door
to give the strange character a beating. Emerging from the
vehicle without the visitor offering any resistance, the
watchman was able to see the female figure dematerialize before
his very eyes.

Overwhelmed by panic, the watchman deserted his post and never
went back.

This event, however, did not seem to be the first one recorded
in the area in question: in September 1959 at 2:30 a.m., a
worker at a pump house in the city of Algeciras was able to see
an oval object surrounded by a "visor", measuring six or seven
meters in diameter and hovering 180 centimeters over the ground.
Two human-looking figures stood between the object and the
onlooker. He placed their height at one meter eighty, and they
fled from him upon being discovered. Twenty-one years later,
Tobajas, his wife and companions were able to see a similar
situation to the one experienced by the cemetery watchman and
the pump house worker =96 one they could not explain.

(Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to J.
Manuel Garcia Bautista)

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Follow-Up: The A Grana UAV (Spain, 1966)
By Scott Corrales

Our friend and colleagueAngel Rodriguez, director of Spain's
GEIFO organization, has sent us an update on the fascinating
story involving the 1966 account of the UFO that turned out to
be a UAV =96 of sorts. Angel brings to our attention a three
minute clip aired on Television de Galicia (TVG) on the
remarkable incident, bearing the title "Ovni recuperado polo
ex=E9rcito" (UFO recovered by the army) and featuring an interview
with the eyewitness who actually managed to see the recovered
object nestled saftely inside one of the color-coded tunnels
deep in the cliffside, surrounded by armed guards.

Juan Daniel Araoz, the witness, says the following: "It had the
aspect of a flying saucer, as commonly described, and must have
measured some twelve meters in diameter more or less, and had
lights that went on and off, green, red and yellow,
intermittently. It flew over the area slowly, remained in sight
for some twenty, twenty-five minutes, and then slowly made its
way toward [the town of] Baz=E1n, and from there to the mouth of
the ria."

The object at some point plunged into the ocean and was
subsequently recovered by fishermen, who hauled it back to
shore, only to have it confiscated by the military.

Araoz, however, was able to see the object after it was under

"A sailor, at the instructions of his commander, took me to the
tunnels, an impressive series of tunnels, because that place is
a naval base, full of ammunition, and then when we reached a
room, he suddenly told me: "it's this." That's when I saw, in
fact, the color of the object that I'd seen, a yellowish color.
To my astonishment, I saw the writing "NASA" followed by some
numbers underneath. I was stunned, since I was a believer in the
presence of extraterrestrial flying saucers."

This discoidal craft does not match any of the known UAVs or
drones in use from 1960 to 1970: Beech AQM-37 Jayhawk, target
(1961), QH-50 DASH, attack (torpedo launch),Ryan Model 147/AQM-
34 series Fire Fly and Lightning Bug, reconnaissance (1962),
Northrop M/BQM-74A Chukar, target, decoy (1964), Lockheed D-21,
reconnaissance (1964), Ryan AQM-91 Firefly, reconnaissance
(1968) and the BQM-90, target (1970). All of these models had

So what was the mysterious NASA-identified vehicle that crashed
into Galician waters in 1966? A piece of Soviet technology
captured by the military and tested overseas? A relic of Nazi
aeronautics being tested for unknown properties? Until the file
on A Grana is released, the field for speculation remains wide

Addendum: Only a few hours after posting this item, Angel
Rodriguez sent us a photograph of the entrance to Tunnel No.3
(covered by a color-coded door, this one green) with some very
interesting commentary about Spain's nuclear ambitions during
the Franco years. It would appear that considerable uranium
enrichment took place in underground facilities such as these,
and that the government had access to (U.S. supplied) Nike-
Hercules missiles. Unconfirmed reports suggested that this
nuclear force would have been used in the Sahara against the
Green March - a chilling prospect. Here is the photo in

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[Stories of saucer crashes and retrievals are not the exclusive
province of the American Southwest. The Pacific coast of South
America has some interesting cases to offer, as we can see from
Raul Nunez's "UFO Crash/Retrivals in Chile. Mr. Nunez is the
director of his country's branch of the Instituto de
Investigaciones Espaciales (IEEE) and a frequent contributor to
Inexplicata. This article appeared in Issue #9 of the
INEXPLICATA journal -- SC]

UFO Crash/Retrievals in Chile
By Raul Nunez

On October 7, 1998 at 15:45 hours, residents of Paihuano, a
small village in Valle de Elqui (Chile) underwent an
extraordinary experience which keep its 2,500 residents on the
edge of their seats. A flying object described as having a
metallic color and measuring some 15 meters across remained
motionless over the Las Mollacas hill, from which the entire
town could be seen.

The object began to rise and abruptly made a sudden turn that
split it in two before the awestruck witnesses. One part of the
object fell on hill's peak and the other behind it. Accounts
collected on the field by this correspondent among the many
persons who wintessed the uncanny event lead us to consider the
following events: a) the object witnessed was metallic
(silvery); b) the sun's rays reflected off its structure, aiding
its visibility; c) Its shape was elongated; d) it remained on
the summit of the hill throughout the afternoon of Wednesday the
7th, Thursday the 8th and Friday the 9th, when it was removed by
personnel in uniform; e) all of the townsfolk, including mayor
Lorenzo Torres, witnessed the event; f) earthquakes were
registered after the object fell to the ground; g) electric
blackouts covered the entire region; h) radio and TV broadcasts
throughout Paihuano, Pisco Elqui and Monte Grande (two
neighboring towns) were disrupted.

In view of the alarm caused by the event, a detachment
ofCarabineros (Chilean militarized police) looked at the object
through binoculars and made an effort to reach the area on
horseback after confirming the events described by the locals.
The rocky soil, composed of sedimentary stone, made getting to
the top an arduous affair--it is known that several efforts were
made to reach the top and that one of the animals died during
the operation. Furthermore, communications between the police
forces and their base were successfully intercepted: the law
enforcement agents stated that they had found nothing on the
summit, but that "comments would be made after the descent."

This transmission was sent by means of "Condor One", the special
code employed by local police only in very special cases, and it
is the first and only instance of the Carabineros taking part in
this matter. 24 hours later, this unit was relieved military
personnel dispatched to the area to take charge of the
investigation. Independent researchers carried out a survey
among the local population to confirm in detail all of the
information on what transpired as of the moment that the
military forces cordoned off the area.

A Military Operation

Military personnel did not restrict its investigation to the
residents of Paihuano--it extended the operation to cover the
neighboring towns of Pisco Elqui and Monte Grande, aside from
"combing" nearby hills to expel the local muleteers. This
correspondent's investigation, conducted jointly with military
analyst and local researcher Roderick Bowen, was able to
ascertain that local hotels reported an increase in the demand
for lodging by U.S citizens who in all instances claimed to be

On Friday, October 9, several eyewitnesses described the arrival
of trucks bearing uniformed personnel. Residents of the sector
nearest the hill, including the goatherds who customarily make
use of secondary alternative routes, were issued orders to
refrain from ascending the hill and to stay away from the

A goatherd who was in the rear of Las Mollacas, and who will not
state his name for fear of reprisals, claims having seen the
arrival of unmarked helicompters. These vehicles worked
tirelessly from midneite until the early hours of Friday the 9th
to hoist the object on metallic nets. It was subsequently
installed in containers which were dragged to the positions
occupied by large trucks belonging to the armed forces.

Researcher Patricio Diaz, who lives in the area, managed to
collect several accounts from locals who described the nocturnal
operations of these unmarked choppers as they lit vast part of
the hill and recovered the strange object on its summit, which
shined intensely throughout Thursday the 8th before the startled
eyes of Paihuano's residents. Omar Prieto, manager of the
"Gabriela Mistral" tourist resort in the town of Pisco Elqui,
stated the following: "I had the chance to see it with my own
eyes. It was something like the wing of an airplane, everyone
could see it. It remained on the hill for 2 1/2 days. After
that, it disappeared during the night and there was no further
information. Soldiers and members of the Carabineros kept us
from going up the hill. Strange things are always going on here,
such as blackouts or TV interference. We don't know why."

The site used by the military as their base is known as "La
Palmilla" and is located on the slopes of the hill. The tread
marks left behind by heavy trucks were in evidence the day after
the object was collected, and intense activity was also reported
behind the hill. One witness claimed that there was a large
cleft, measuring some 5 meters long and some 40 centimeters
deep, surrounded by bootprints and heavy vehicle tracks. This
account was confirmed hours later by researchers Patricio Diaz,
Luis S=E1nchez Perry, Miguel Jord=E1n and Roderick Bowen, members of
ESIO (Equipo Superior de Investigaciones Ovnilogicas), who
visited the area to conduct field research.

As of Monday the 12th, persons climbing to the summit of Las
Mollacas find stones painted the color of aluminum, clearly
giving the appearance of being some sort of premeditated
disinformation effort. Surprising hypotheses were aired to
explain the strange glare--abandonded beverage bottles, or an
optical effect caused by sunlight.

Significant Reactions

The El Tololo astronomical observatory stated unequivocally that
the phenomenon had been caused by an out-of-control weather
balloon which had fallen in Las Mollacas. However, Gustavo
Rodriguez of the Direccion General de Aeron=E1utica Civil and
Secretary of the Comit=E9 de Estudios de Fenomenos A=E9reos Anomalos
(CEFAA) made it clear that there was no information regarding
the lauching of a weather balloon in the area, since all
activities of this sort require 48 hours advanced notice.

Strangest of all is that El Tololo assumed powers it didn't
have, even going beyond the competence of the CEFAA, while this
Air Force-dependent agency recused itself and did not even
initiate an investigation into the area, at least not
officially. During the interview granted to this correspondent,
General Ricardo Bermudez, CEFAA's director, stated that his
agency simply had no faith in the events occurrd at Paihuano.
However, an interesting bit of information emerged in a
subsequent conversation with Mario Dusuel, a psychiatric
consultant for CEFAA who had visited the area along with
geophysicist Carlos Leiva. Apparently, these persons collected
the testimony of a muleteer who had been visited by a captain in
the Chilean Air Force who questioned him about the object's
fall. Now then, if CEFAA officially recused itself in this case,
why then did it covertly send some of its best-qualified members
to the area?

Incident at Quebrada de Huchumi

Valle de Elqui is a special place. Its soil is rich in minerals
and even has uranium deposits which are often related to the UFO
phenomenon. On June 15, 1998, only four months prior to the
Paihuano incident, an object which had crashed into the snow in
the region known as Quebrada de Huchumi was detected, some 20
kilometers from Cerro Tololo. The crash was accompanied by a
deafening noise. Windows on many local homes shattered to pieces
while an intense, lightining-like flash gave witnesses the
impression that "night had turned into day."

The spectacular luminous phenomenon reached the localities of El
Indio and Ovalle, located at a distance of some 200 kilometers
away. Sudden storms were also detected. Eyewitnesses speak in
terms of the panic created: a local taxi driver named Juan
Veliz, who carried four passengers along the road from Paihuano
to Vicu"a, felt powerless in the face of the fear that gripped
his passengers. "I'm a highly skeptical person", Veliz told
researchers. "But that night last June, my passengers were made
very nervous by a great light that flooded the entire valley.
It's as if it had suddenly become daylight. I couldn't stop them
from getting out of the vehicle in the middle of the road to
pray. The fact is that I see lights chasing me constantly when I
drive at night. These lights pop out from behind the mountains
and I get the impression tha they respond to something that's
intelligence. I've lived in this valley all my life and many
people have seen the same things I have..."

On this occasion, the Quebrada de Huchumi area was also
afflicted by a considerable amount of "official" acitivity.
According to eyewitness accounts, the object was recovered and
transferred to Vicu"a aboard large, containerized military
trucks, in exactly the same way seen months later at Paihuano.

This region is constantly visited by "flying lights" reminiscent
of the so-called "Foo Fighters". Only scant days before this
researcher arrived in the city of La Serena, that city's
lighthouse was "buzzed" by strange lights for some twenty
minutes. Local residents are familiar with these phenomena due
to their frequency.

Everything points to the fact that the authorities are trying to
cover up events which have sometimes escaped from their hands.
Too many people witnessed the object on the summit of Las
Mollacas hill. Moreover, the fear of reprisals is still palpable
when interviewing witnesses. Nevertheless, there are photos of
the helicopters busy at work in the region and recordings of
communications between the military personnel involved in the
recovery operations. All of this material is zealously guarded
to avoid complicating the lives of persons living in the area
and who have kindly provided their assistance with this
investigation. Many of them hold positions in public
administration and even political appointments.

An Alien Spaceship?

In the light of these events, it is well worth asking if we are
facing the prospect of crashed alien vessels or the collision of
secret military prototypes. We must keep in mind that these
events coincided with the UNITAS Exercises held jointly by the
Chilean and U.S. military.

Some researchers have expressed the belief that it is precisely
when said joint exercises are held that UFO activity reaches its
highest point in Chile. But there are also considerable accounts
which support the suspicion that -- in the cases in question --
crashed alien artifacts could be involved. Thus, for example,
the research conducted in Vicu"a includes the statements made by
a hospital worker who claimed having seen some strange bags
during the recovery of the remains of the Las Mollecas object.
According to his account, said bags are similar to the body bags
employed in collecting corpses.

Are we dealing with a secret military operation or a UFO crash?
The numerous accounts regarding the activities conducted to
"recover the thing that fell" cannot be ignored.

(Translation (c) 2001, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic
Ufology. This article originally appeared in A"o Cero No.06-119)

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Argentina: What Happened at La Aurora?

[This article by our friend and colleague Pablo
Villarubi aappeared in Inexplicata #12 (Summer 2003). It describes
one of the most shocking UFO incidents of the year 1977 - the
so-called "Tonna Case", named after its protagonist, rancher
Angel Maria Tonna - SC]

What Happened at La Aurora?
by Pablo Villarubia Mauso

I left Montevideo behind and was heading twoard the city of
Salto on the Argentinean border, riding a dilapidated bus in
order to rescue from oblivion the events which occurred one
distant February 17, 1977. The central protagonist of the story
was the owner of the La Aurora ranch, a man named Angel Maria
Tronna. The victims included one dog, several sheep, a bull and
one horse -- gravely affected by an object come from afar.

The first thing I did upon arriving was making a straight line
toward the office of the El Pueblo newspaper to consult old
newspapers which would put me on the track of the "Tonna Case".
The Saturday the 19th edition was already legendary, since it
presented the first news item on the macabre event.

On Sunday, February 13, 1977, at 5:30 a.m., Julio Cesar Rattin,
18, the youngest son of Angel Tonna, witnessed a UFO at a
distance of some 150 meters, suspended of a copse of eucalyptus
trees. It was light-emitting disk that illuminated a broad swath
of countryside. On the following day, Monday at midnight,
Tonna's wife, Elena Margarita Rattin, was watching TV before
going to bed when a blackout suddenly occured. Upon going
outside to insure the operation of their generator, she noticed
an intense glow over La Aurora. Frightened, she ran back into
the house.

It was the February 20, 1977 edition that anounced half a page
saying "UFO in a ranch near the Daym=E1n: Seen on three
occasions." The anonymous journalist said that at 04:00 on
February 17, Tonna, his children and some farmhands witnessed a
strong light coming from behind a shed in which they stored
feed. It was then that they saw a "flying saucer" measuring some
3 meters in diameter at an altitude of 15 meters. "The cows were
frightened and stampeded, trampling one of the workers; the dogs
howled in terror and we couldn't contain our astonishment. I was
able to notice that the lights of the farm and the vicinity were
totaly out and that the generator "coughed", threatening to
seize up. THe disk moved slowly, almost in a zig-zag motion, and
after passing over the pasture pond it headed toward the
eucalyptus copse--the same one as on Sunday--and after a while
wi didn't see it again", Tonna told the journalist.

The journalist interviewed the children and farmhands of the
property. All versions agreed. Tonna spoke of the strange prints
that had emerged three months ago on the pasture, shaped like a
horseshoe 40 to 50 cm wide and with some parts more deeply sunk
into the ground than others. It had a diameter of 3 meters and a
variety of mushrooms began to grow inside it. At first the grass
was burned but another type of grass soon sprang up to replace
it. In spite of the assortment of data offered by the
journalistic account, there were even more important elements
missing -- some which Angel Maria Tonna and his people decided
not to tell the reporter from El Pueblo.

The Mummified Dogs

It wasn't easy for me to find out more about La Aurora. I ased a
few people on the street about the subject, even though 20 years
had gone by, the memory fo the event was still fresh in the
minds of many citizens. Some said it had all been a hoax, a lie,
and others beleived that it was real and were even aware of the
appearance of "unidentifieds" in the region for a few years now.
Even luckier ones had also witnessed the transit of "flying
saucers" over the county, such as twenty-year old Andrea
Carpanesi. "What I am going to tell you took place in early 1997
at around 23:30 hours in front of the house in which I live. I
was with my friend Cecilia, and looking northward an intense
light appeared. The entire neighborhood was looking at it. It
was almost orange in color, making a pendular movement. It
lasted five minutes. Seeing such things is commonplace around
here", Andrea said.

"Could you find out if it was a satellite or an aircraft?" I

"I called the weather bureau and I was told that no satellites
were flying overhead, nor weather balloons or aircraft. They
couldn't tell me what it was, iether. But I can tell you
something else that's very interesting..."

"Go ahead", I encouraged her.

"Around 1993 I studied at the Universidad de Salto. The word
spread that the School of Veterinary Medicine had two very
strange dogs. With one of my friends, we sneaked into one of the
labs, since it was forbidden to see these animals. I remember it
all perfectly because it scared me. We saw a dead dog that had
been propped up "alive". It was intact and even looked alive. It
was black in color and medium-sized. Some students said that for
unknown reasons, both this and another dog which I couldn't see
did not decompose or didn't do so with the normal speed
associated with death. Furthermore, they added that they had
been found at the La Aurora ranch. Nothing further was ever said
about the subejct", explained Campanesi.

That very same day I headed to the School of Veterinary
Medicine. Everything I heard upon asking about dead dogs at La
Aurora was a "we don't know" and an almost unbearable silence
accompanied by not very friendly glances...

The next step in assembling this puzzle was to find journalist
Carlos Ardaix, one of the first to appear after the incidents of
February 1977. This man, with a Basque-French surname, welcomed
me into his home and told me about his contact with Angel Tonna:
"At that time hosted a radio show with a considerable following.
It was when Angel Maria Tonna phoned me adn said: "If you want
to know the truth atbout La Aurora and why the city's lights
went out, come over." I went with two or three people from the
radio sation. When we arrived Tonna was still rather upset. He
told me that at 0400 hours they had seen a light behind the shed
and thought that it was on fire. The horses, the dogs...all of
the animals were frightened. Tonna walked to some 50 meters of
where the apparatus was. It approached slowly and Angel fell to
the ground, covering his face with his arm to avoid the powerful
light. Later the object vanished at high speed", the
newspaperman explained.

There was talk of burned or severed wires...

"When I reached the ranch the steel wires were still cut and the
cables of the electrical facility. The engine's piston broke
down, a very expensive breeding bull died slowly...I understand
that an autopsy was performed on it at the School of Medicine
and no cause of death was established. The same happened to
several sheep, whose wool was singed black and left like rough
wifer. A very fierce dog that Tonna kept died little by little.
Tonna had a skin eruption on the arm that he used to shield his
face from the light.

You did not doubt Tonna's information?

No, he seemed very sincere. In any event, as a journalist, I
tried to find other witnesses. One of the farmhands had already
seen something similar near the site. I visited other farms near
La Aurora, sicne i thought a local may have seen the UFO. I
asked a foreman and he told me hadn't seen anything at night. As
we walked out, a farmhand chopping wood told me: "We all saw
what happened at night, but we were forbidden to speak of it."
After that we transmitted Tonna's recording over the air. There
was a chain reaction. Many people started visiting the site,
like those Americans who wanted to take him back to the U.S. for

Do you recall who these men were?

No. It was said at the time that they were from NASA, but I'm
not sure. I think there was an American journalist [among them].
At the time the Salto Grande dam was being built and there were
Japanese engineers staying at the farm. One physician--Dr.
Menoni--discovered through some photographs that there was
considerable radiation in the trees at La Aurora. The Japanese
confirmed it on their measurment devices.

What about the burns on Tonna's arm?

It was a burn that would reoccur sporadically. The
electocardiogram machine would't work when the electrodes would
be placed on him. That's what two doctors I know told me. After
two years the burns began to fade. It was something truly
strange that could've had something to do with radiation.

So..what about the blackouts?

No one has been able to explain why there were so many blackouts
in 1977. On the night on which the events played out in La
Aurora there was a half-hour long blackout. In following days
there were others, always whenever UFOs appeared.

Could there have been somtehing more behind the events? Human
manipulation perhaps?

Never! I can tell you that the breeding bull he had died, and it
was worth a fortune. That wasn't a joke. The pedigree horse
didn't die...he was a stud and was rendered sterile.

Is it true that the ranch became a place of pilgrimage?

Yes, but Angel Tonna, in recent years, is sick of receiving
callers and has chosen not to let anyone in and to refuse
interviews. I understand, because he wants to work normally,
look after his animals and his property. So many people came
from all over the world came, like American ufologists James
Hurtak and Bob Pratt, Pedro Romaniuk from Argentina. Tonna
showed me a letter in which Antonio Ribera claimed to be
interested in visiting La Aurora but he couldn't come. The most
controversial was a visit by Neil Armstrong, the first man on
the Moon. No one knows why he visited...

And to these pilgrimages still go on?

Sometimes entire buses of people come seeking cures. Yes, they
think the place was blessed by a supernatural force. It was
decided to build a crypt to Padre Pio there and don't ask me
why. The people who find the warning sign advising them to stay
away from La Aurora cross the road where they find the chapel of
teh prioest that makes miracles, healings...

Radioactivity on the Farm

On the following day I tried contacting Tonna and his relatives
using the phone numbers featured in the localk directory. After
some frustrated events, I managed to speak to one of his sons,
the veterinarian, and he told me that his father no longer spoke
of Angel Tonna. The matter was closed for him.

My only alternative was to open other fronts. One of these was
to locate doctor Juan Maria Menoni, the same one who took
photographs in the area which showed traces of radiation. "I'm
not a ufologist", he said, "but I became interested in the case
at the time. When I visited the site, I found that part of the
fence had been melted. The generator and the motor had burned
out. I took a sample of tree bark that had been burned by the
UFO. A photographer friend suggested that I place the piece of
bark over a strip of 35mm film. When we developed the film some
strange spots appeared on the film.

Without a word, Menoni went to his office and returned with some
photo enlargements which showed the result of the vegetable
matter's exposure. "It's curious. It seemed to be charged with
radiation, but where was the radiation coming from? It must've
been from the mysterious flying saucer."

A few days later, in Buenos Aires, I had an interview with
famous parapsychologist and ufologist Antonio Las Heras, who had
visited La Aurora in 1978 to look into the case. "What happened
there drew my attention. I saw the trees, the toppled
eucalyptuses, almost uprooted, as though a giant hand had played
with them. I saw the branches ripped off by a UFO's effects. In
fact, they looked like someone had smashed them, making them
tumble over and over. I found calcined rock with vitreous
formation on the sandstone. For vitrification to occur, the
tempuratures must be in excess of a thousand degrees
[Centigrade]. I saw giant mushrooms measuring a meter and a half
in diameter, standing inside the strange marks left by the UFOs.
Only radiation could have mutated those living organisms."

Las Heras told me that Tonna had been accompanied by a police
dog that fateful night. "The animal died three days later. They
said that it had no blood, as though it had been absorbed
through its flesh, which had developed an inconsistent
appearance, like flesh that has been boiled. The dog's skin was
burned in seeral pales and its tail hairs were bristled like
wire. No one was able to offer a diagnosis for what occurred",
he said, shaking his head.

"What happened to the bull?" I asked, trying to avoid showing
surprise at his words.

"It was a show animal of great value and it died with the very
same symptoms as the dog, but after a week. The horse--a
stallion--was left sterile. The sheep deaths were also
mysterious: they had a sort of band around their bodies which
passed through their withers. IT was really a burned patch, as
though a branding iron had been applied, according to Tonna."

That made me react, associating the facts with the enigmatic
manifestationsof the infamous Chupacabras, but much later, in
the mid-Nineties. A large amount of farm animals turned up dead
in several Latin American countries, generally bled dry,
attacked by an unknown creature or force.

Uruguayan ufologist Jorge Monsalve, whom I couldn't locate, also
interviewed Tonna around the time. In his book Encuentros
Cercanos con OVNIS (Montevideo, 1995), Monsalve explains how he
arrived in time to see the Normandy bull, imported from France,
still alive. Tonna asked the man to touch the animal's horns:
"That being said, I extended my hand and [the horn] practically
crumbled in my fingers. A sad and disagreeable experience."

(Translation (c) 2003, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic

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Wednesday, MAY 09, 2012

Spain: The 1966 A Grana UFO was a UAV
By Scott Corrales

A number of Spanish news outlets reported on May 9, 2012 the
interesting story involving a UFO supposedly recovered by the
Spanish Navy at El Ferrol (on the Northwestern tip of the
Iberian Peninsula) in 1966 was actually a NASA unmanned aerial
vehicle (UAV).

Known as the "A Grana UFO", the object remained a mystery for
decades and still does, to a large extent. But recent news items
suggest that the UFO was really a NASA UAV which was seen flying
over the skies of El Ferrol in November the winter of 1966.
According to El Confidencial Digital, the unknown, luminous
object emitted a variety of lights as it flew over the city
before vanishing into the sea.

But far from returning to its base on Tau Ceti or some other
galactic port of call, the UFO crashed into the sea. It was
recovered by fishermen who brought it aboard their trawler,
amazed by the technology and strange lights and electronics that
were completely unknown to them. We will never know what
conversations took place among the fishermen that night as to
how to profit from this unexpected discovery, but the fact
remains that Spanish naval officers were already on land,
waiting to relieve them of their prize.

El Confidencial Digital was also able to locate one of the
military men involved in the recovery and custody of the strange
object. Perhaps more willing to speak now than in previous
years, the officer reported that the high command at the A Grana
submarine base at El Ferrol were ordered to remain silent.

The officer recalls that the unidentified intruder had the
approximate size of a Sabre F-86 fighter, widely used at the
time. Wingless and with a large rear nozzle, it was made of a
yellowish material identified as similar to the "golden paper"
seen on Apollo and Gemini spacecraft. El Confidencial Digital
consulted experts who advised the journalists that the material
is very light and heat resistant.

Strict secrecy requirement imposed on the military men was made
extensive to the fishermen who had found the device. It was
loaded onto an Army vehicle and escorted to A Grana, where it
was stored in a series of large tunnels dug deep into a
hillside. Technicians from the Spanish Ejercito del Aire (air
force) reported to the Navy base to analyze the object and
determine its purpose. They did not take long to find the NASA
logo and acronym stamped onto the device's fuselage. Existence
of these tunnels has been proven by Spanish "urban explorers",
who have ventured into elaborate networks of man-made structures
under the Meiros Lighthouse.

The UAV, while crude, represented a level of technical
sophistication far in excess of any available at the time, and
investigators determined that it was a spy device, judging by
its sophisticated cameras. The U.S. naval facility at Rota in
southern Spain was advised of the discovery, and as one might
expect, U.S. military personnel reported to El Ferrol and took
the object with them in a military truck. Nothing more was
learned of its whereabouts.


Following up on the unusual story, Patricia Hermida, writing for
El Correo Gallego, ads that the spy object measured 21 meters in
diameter. It was first seen over the piers of the city, before
falling into the ocean and being recovered by the trawler Reina
Maria and its crew. "On that strange morning in 1966", writes
Hermida in her article, "a strange object acted as a traffic
light in the skies over El Ferrol", alluding to its yellow, red
and green lights.

She writes about eyewitnesses who were not in the least bit shy
to tell their story to TVG, the provincial television station of
the Galicia region. According to Hermida, the onlookers were
adamant about their statements: "The object vanished at high
speed toward the fiord, measuring 21 meters in diameter. It flew
over Azano and Baz=E1n before vanishing into the sea." Also
interesting is the description offered by the crew of the Reina
Maria fishing trawler, who found the wreckage.

Spain has endured a number of incidents involving the U.S.
military, most notably the incident involving the atomic weapon
lost at Palomares following the crash of a B-52 Stratofortress,
but more recent ones as well.

On Thursday, 2 July 1998, the El Pais newspaper reported that
American spy plane had crashed in the Andalusian town of Barbate
in southern Spain. The usual formal denials from the government
were put forth, and this was made plain to Willy Meyer, the
deputy representing the city of Cadiz and spokesman for the
Comision de Defensa del Congreso (Congressional Defense
Committee). On 11 May, Willy Meyer inquired about "the collision
of an unmanned vehicle in the vicinity of the town of Barbate's
San Ambrosio neighborhood", an incident that would have taken
place at an unspecified moment in the summer months of 1996.

The Ministry of Defense assured Congressman Meyer that "timely
research has been performed by the agencies having competence in
the matter" concerning air traffic over the area in question.
The agencies in question included the US Navy operations center
at the Rota Naval Base. No evidence concerning the crash could
be found.

These political assurances did little to assuage the tempers of
the residents of San Ambrosio in Barbate, where the putative spy
plane crashed. The residents said they had been stunned beyond
belief to see two large CH46 helicopters disgorge their full
complement of Marines who sanitized the area and later vacated
it at top speed without issuing any explanations. Neither the
local police nor the Guardia Civil made any efforts to
investigate the matter, which would have been forgotten but for
the presence of a daring member of the public who, armed with a
photo camera, captured the military clean-up operation in full
swing. Willie Meyer furnished the photographic evidence to the
authorities, stating: "We wonder if at the time there were
records of secret military flights authorized over Spanish

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without the express permission of both parties and
are intended for educational use only.

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