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11 Days In April

From: Sean Jones <tedric.nul>
Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2012 16:35:03 +0000
Archived: Sat, 03 Nov 2012 13:20:36 -0400
Subject: 11 Days In April

This is not my usual kind of post. This is a bit of fiction that
I wrote a few weeks back and I thought I might amuse the List

All the best



Eleven Days in April

Day One

Wednesday April 8th: The Sun Newspaper=92s Headline =91UFO Crashes
at Airbase=92

Reports late last night came in that a UFO made a crash landing
at the Royal Navy=92s Fleet Air Arm airfield by visitors to the
museum. Numerous eyewitnesses=92 said that a black triangle shaped
UFO made a crash landing around the closing time of the museum.
The crashed UFO was quickly covered then moved into an aircraft
hanger. More on page four.

Day Two

Thursday April 9th: The Guardian=92s strap line =91Mysterious Object
at Yeovilton, full report inside=92

On Page six: There are multiple eye witness reports of a
triangular shaped object making a forced landing at the Royal
Navy=92s air base at Yeovilton. No definitive identification has
been forthcoming, but there is a suggestion of a delta wing
stealth type aircraft. The reason that it has been suggested
that it might be an unidentified flying object is that no sound
was heard prior to the incident, or after. Other more qualified
witness=92s (recognised plane spotters) informed this reporter
that it couldn=92t possibly be a glider due to the things shape.

Day Three

Friday April 10th: The Daily Sport=92s Headline =91Aliens Got Me

Alison Boyd, 23, claims that aliens abducted her and they made
her pregnant during the event. Whilst this extraordinary claim
would normally be scoffed at, she accurately drew a picture of a
black craft, which the witnesses claim, is what crashed at
Yeovilton on Wednesday. More on pages 3 and 4.

Day Four

Saturday April 11th: The Times Newspaper=92s Headline =91MOD Arrest
Twelve at Yeovilton=92

The military police at the Royal Navy air base Yeovilton have so
far arrested twelve individuals climbing fences and trying to
enter hanger 18 to get photographs of the alleged crashed UFO.
At present there is no evidence of an extra terrestrial craft at
Yeovilton, but rumours persist and the Royal Navy are drafting
in extra security for the growing problem at the base.

Day Five

Sunday April 12th: The Sunday Mirror=92s Headline =915000 camped at

With the ever growing army UFO watchers outside the Royal Navy
base in Somerset there are concerns over the security and what
measures are being taken to disperse the die-hard believers in
all things UFO. To date, there have been no new sightings, and
the Royal Navy are not issuing any statements denying or
confirming that they have a crashed alien spacecraft.

Day Six

Monday April 13th: The Sun Newspapers Headline =91The UK=92s

As the crowd camped outside of Yeovilton exceeds ten thousand
many experts are claiming that this crashed UFO is the UK=92s
Roswell. In July 1947 Major Jessie Marcel of the USAF found the
remains of a crashed UFO outside of Roswell, New Mexico. To this
day the US military deny this fact. UFO buffs are now claiming
this is the UK=92s Roswell incident. More information and new
witness reports on pages, 2,3,4,5, and six.

Day Seven

Tuesday April 14th: The Mail Newspaper strap line =91Pressure
Mounts for the Royal Navy to Come Clean=92

With the ever-growing numbers camped at Yeovilton there is a
public demand for the Royal Navy to come clean and release
information to identify the object, which crash-landed just one
week ago. The museum has been forced to shut it doors five days
ago and the military police have been extremely diligent in
maintaining the bases=92 security. Too diligently according to
some reports. With international media now camped outside the
gates, the eyes of the world are quite literally watching and

Day Eight

Wednesday April 15th: The Times Newspapers Headline =91Questions
asked in Parliament=92

Last night in the Prime Ministers question time the MP Nigel
Havercroft asked the Prime Minister if he knew what the Royal
Navy was hiding at Yeovilton. The PM denied any knowledge of
wrong doing by the RN but assured the house that he would be
speaking in the strongest possible terms to the Admiralty to
issue a public statement within the next forty-eight hours.

Day Nine

Thursday April 16th: The Daily Express Newspaper Headline =91US
President to visit Yeovilton=92

There have been many speculative reports today the US president
and the Prime Minister are today visiting senior Navy officers
at Yeovilton to obtain answers from the Royal Navy. With the
worlds media focused on a small town in Somerset answers are
being demanded about what they are allegedly concealing. No
official statement from either office confirms or denies this
rumour raging all over the internet.

Day Ten

Friday April 17th: The Daily Mirror=92s Headline =91X92 Finally

Yesterday at twelve noon the Royal Navy opened hanger 18 and
towed out a black delta wing air craft for the world to see.
They claim that this hydrogen fueled sub orbital plane is the
cause of the entire furore. They named this joint RAF/Royal Navy
ram jet plane the X92, which made a forced landing due to a
fueling issue.

With this news the vast crowd that had camped outside the Royal
Navy airfield started to disperse later the same day. The local
council are demanding funding from parliament for the clean up

Day Eleven

Front Page of the The Sun newspaper:

Heiress of Sachs Empire Missing

Lady Sarah Whittingly-Jones goes missing after a boat trip to
Monaco. Fears are =85.



Date 17th May

 From Air Chief Marshall Charles Halt, MBE to Rear Admiral James

Re Operation: Aringarosa

The operation was a complete success. No public or press
observations and/or reports of the Skylon space plane taking off
or landing at RAF Lossiemouth during all the public and press
attention to X92 incident at Yeovilton.

As planned, two missions were undertaken. The first, to circle
the globe and the second to dock at the International Space
Station were a complete success. Thus proving that viability of

All scheduled future missions to proceed as planned.



P.S. Will catch up in person at my daughters wedding in three

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