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Peter Khoury & Alien Hair 20 Years On

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Subject: Peter Khoury & Alien Hair 20 Years On

Source: Bill Chalker On Facebook


24 October at 10:14

Bill Chalker shared AUFORN News and Sightings's photo.

In this issue I have written a feature article Peter Khoury And
The Hair Of The Alien - 20 years on

2012 marked a fascinating anniversary of a shocking,
controversial and extraordinary experience, which drew me into a
ground breaking investigation and a potential breakthrough
research direction.

The Peter Khoury experience played out in suburban Sydney
Australia is an extraordinary breakthrough alien abduction case
that yielded a remarkable clue supporting the enduring idea that
UFOs and alien abduction claims might represent credible
evidence for alien intervention into human affairs, at an
extraordinary and deep level. The clue led to fascinating
evidence in the UFO haunted southern Chinese province of Yunnan.

The Lahu people, via the DNA clue from the Khoury hair sample,
may be connected with the apparent "Nordic hybrid" being, both
through their DNA and their locality, which we found to be rich
in UFO and unusual light phenomena. These investigations
dramatically consolidated valuable UFO data from China,
particularly in the province of Yunnan.

In my 2005 book Hair Of The Alien I focused on a DNA forensic
approach to alien abduction evidence. While prominence is given
to the Peter Khoury "alien hair" case from Sydney Australia,
other cases and experiences from around the world are also
examined. My primary focus was to promote a forensic scientific
approach to examining the alien abduction controversy,
concentrating on the DNA approach where compelling biological
evidence was available.

The DNA found in the strange hair sample implicated in the alien
abduction experience of Peter Khoury had a striking array of DNA
anomalies. Until the "Hair of the Alien" evidence came along the
claims that alien abductions might involve hybrid beings was
just unsubstantiated speculation. Now evidence had been revealed
that may support such a bizarre scenario. Its not conclusive
evidence, but it is enough of a potent breakthrough to argue
that the research direction it inspired is a very worthwhile
hypothesis to pursue. I have created a blog site that focuses on
this fascinating area. I have put an introductory essay up on
the site =96 "The Alien DNA Paradigm =96 an introduction" at:


You can assist this long term effort with information and
material that may support the work. It may just help define our
place in the universe.

The most profound legacy of Peter Khoury=92s 1992 experience for
me is that a courageous person allowed a scientifically based
DNA investigation to test the validity of his experience and the
exotic biological evidence it yielded. That scrutiny did not
invalidate Peter Khoury=92s experience, nor did it prove the
existence of aliens. It did however provide extraordinary
evidence that suggests that something extremely strange had
occurred and that ultimately an alien DNA paradigm is a
hypothesis worth pursuing. Thank you Peter, for providing the
spark that ignited what has been for me an extraordinary
investigation and an incredible journey.

[Don't miss this issue of Ufologist out now. Last issue for the
year, revisiting the Peter Khoury case 20 years on, hollow earth
theory, eastern UFO flap and also articles from Bill Chalker,
Daniel Sims, George Simpson, Dave Reneke and much more. See:


Volume 16 - No.2
July - August 2012



Source: Bill Chalker's The Oz Files Blog


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Peter Khoury And The Hair Of The Alien - 20 Years On

The past week marked a fascinating anniversary of an
extraordinary experience which drew me into a groundbreaking
investigation and a potential breakthrough research direction.

Peter Khoury had a bizarre experience on July 23, 1992, in
Sydney, Australia. He had a shattering experience on July 12,
1988, which he was ultimately able to understand as an alien
abduction. It changed his life. He would go on to help others
who had similar experiences by establishing the UFO Experience
Support Association (UFOESA). But nothing prepared him for the
July 1992 episode. It was so shocking that Peter would only
share the experience with his wife and a few close associates.

The July 1992 incident had yielded a remarkable piece of
evidence - a hair sample apparently from a blonde "nordic"
entity. I was able to work with a biochemistry team which would
provide the world's first DNA analysis of a biological sample
implicated in an alien abduction experience. The team wanted to
see if the sample provided forensic DNA evidence that might
support the extraordinary story. It did far more than that.

The evidence secured by Peter Khoury with his July 1992
experience enabled breakthrough research which has led to a
focus on research into the hypothesis of intelligent alien
intervention in the evolution of human DNA - the Alien DNA

An image based tour through this extraordinary case, its
investigation, and its amazing implications is provided here to
mark the 20 year anniversary of Peter Khoury's shocking,
controversial and unprecedented experience.

(The following article appeared in the 2011 special issue of New
Dawn Magazine)

An Alien DNA paradigm?

by Bill Chalker

A remarkable clue supporting the enduring idea that UFOs and
alien abduction claims might represent credible evidence for
alien intervention into human affairs, at an extraordinary and
deep level, may have been found in the UFO haunted southern
Chinese province of Yunnan. As part of a developing hypothesis
I call the alien DNA paradigm, a form of intelligent alien
intervention may have occurred in us as humans on planet Earth.
We are very primitively tinkering with modifying life forms
through transgenics and the like, therefore the idea that
someone out there might already have been doing it elsewhere,
maybe even here, may not seem so far out.

Evidence for this may also be found in human DNA signatures,
particularly among those indigenous cultures that have potent
claims of "sky being" lore and land rich in long historical
focuses of UFO activity. An extraordinary breakthrough alien
abduction case from the other side of the world =96 right here in
the middle of Sydney =96 had me to pursuing some very strange
clues through Asia to Yunnan, China, leading to the hypothesis
of the alien DNA paradigm through a long and complex 4 phase

[More at site... ]

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