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Can Anybody Date This Sighting?

From: Rich Heiden <rwheidenu.nul>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 15:17:11 -0800 (PST)
Archived: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 06:36:40 -0500
Subject: Can Anybody Date This Sighting?

Can anybody refer me to a database that would have this case, to
help me date it?

Last June a Wisconsin woman mentioned in her newspaper column a
sighting by her and three others that had been investigated by
the Air Force. "It went into the record as an unknown,
unidentified flying object," she wrote.

It was an EM case between Janesville and Oregon, Wis.. I found a
few Blue Book unidentifieds in the area, as follows:




10 miles S of Madison, Dec. 9, 1952.
Madison, April 13, 1959.
1 mile W of Monticello, April 3, 1964.
Stoughton, Feb. 16, 1967.

(Both here and below, I include sightings that were way too
early, according to what the witness told me later.)

This is what the witness reported in the MUFON Case Management
System (which she did at my suggestion=E2=80=94it's #42014):

"Four of us attended a firemans dance in Janesville, Wisc. Our
trip originated in Oregon, Wisc. There was no alcohol consumed
by any of us. We left the dance, and our car had a flat tire. By
the time the tire was changed, we were the only people left in
the school parking lot, where the dance was held. We started for
Oregon and the driver noticed the car had no power, would only
go 20 miles per hour and the lights would not work. Because of
that, we took back roads home so as not to run into any law
enforcement. When we reached Oregon, a trip that took us twice
as long as it should have, one of us, cant remember who, said
"Oh my God," and was looking toward the sky. We all looked up
and hovering above us was an object we could not identify. It
was circular with a domed top and pulsating lights of red, blue,
green and white could be seen all around the object. We watched
it for a while as it hovered above us. It made no sound except a
low hum.

Without warning, the object quietly zipped away and disappeared.
Once it began moving, it went out of our sight very quickly. We
made a pact to never talk of the incident for fear people would
think we were nuts or imagining things. After the object left,
we four went into the house and sat in the kitchen consuming
copious amounts of alcohol. The next day, the car worked just
fine. The lights worked and it could be driven pretty much at
top speed. Several years after the incident, one of us must have
said something to somebody because the Air Force contacted me,
asking me for information about the sighting, which I gave them.
It was quite an experience and actually did not frighten us
until after the object left. We assumed it was that object that
"sucked" the juice from our car and we surmised it had followed
us from Janesville while it took power from the car."

She used the date of Feb. 16, 1967, though later she wrote me,
"I may have been wrong about the year - it has been so long ago
and so much has happened in my life. It may even have been 1969
or 68 - just really not sure." Actually, NONE of the Blue Book
cases would fit, because of the number of witnesses. Stoughton
might conceivably have been a one-witness independent
corroboration of the woman=E2=80=99s sighting, except that she said
that the Air Force interviewed THEM specifically.

Of course, it's possible that the AF changed its conclusion
later, though I think the pattern was more often to come up with
a phony "explanation" that they had to change later to
"unknown." Nevertheless, I proceeded to look among the Blue Book
IDENTIFIEDS. Here are the best candidates (just on the basis of
location), but (again) none of them really fits either:

12/9/1952, driving from Madison past Janesville to Racine

8/15/1953, Mr & Mrs Eldridge Bertke of Madison

9/23/1953, Oregon; couple and their children

9/27/1960, witnesses: police officer; Carol Glass, Constance
Glass of Janesville

9/27/60, Janesville, Wis., aircraft, observer name blacked out

2/5/1965, mother of Mrs. Floyd C. Parks of Janesville

2/5/65, Janesville, Wis., meteor, observer name blacked out

8/28/1966, housewife of Oregon, Wis., and a man

Actually the witness didn't specifically name Project Blue Book,
instead saying it was the Air Force that interviewed them. (I
didn't question her on this point, figuring she wouldn't
accurately remember anyway.) I know that some better cases were
"not part of the Blue Book system." But did that apply to
civilian cases like this? Or maybe it wasn't the AF at all, but
a civilian UFO group.

I tried searching for Carol Pollock McGowan UFO Janesville Oregon on these=

Web sites, also without success:





Also Goodsearch, Google, Yahoo, and Bing (I reviewed the first
six pages of results for each).

(Two witness surnames are among the search criteria above, but
of course some accounts might not include the names. On the four
UFO sites, I also searched for UFO Janesville Oregon Wis*.)

I had hoped to be able to identify this case, but have run into
a dead end. Can anybody offer any help or suggestions? Thanks!

Rich Heiden

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