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Re: Ancient Aliens Debunked

From: Dave Morton <Marspyrs.nul>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2012 04:34:50 -0500 (EST)
Archived: Fri, 30 Nov 2012 17:39:03 -0500
Subject: Re: Ancient Aliens Debunked

>From: Dave Haith <visions1.nul>
>To: post.nul
>Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2012 00:38:48 +0100
>Subject: Ancient Aliens Debunked


>I know the flaws in Von Daniken's works have been exposed years
>ago - all that stuff about UFO landing strips (since when have
>saucers needed runways?) and models of ancient planes which are
>obviously stylised birds.

>But I've fondly clung to the unsolveable mysteries of gigantic
>stone monuments that couldn't be moved without some lost

>So when I settled down to watch this debunk of Ancient Aliens I
>expected it to be the usual narrow minded cherry picking from
>the sceptical crowd who can't think out of the box.

>I haven't watched all three hours yet but I found myself
>agreeing with just about all I viewed.

>I'm still not totally convinced that 800 ton blocks could have
>been moved just by brute force and cut to such precision with
>primitive tools - but who knows?

>I certainly don't anymore......

>I do know it doesn't need aliens to make complex crop formations
>so maybe the good old human race can rustle up a pyramid or two
>with enough slaves to do the work.....

>For once I consider a sceptical piece provides a very valid
>'balance' to a controversial TV series.

>But I'm interested whether others think so too.

>Dave Haith

I missed seeing the program, so I can't comment at any length
about it. But I do know a thing or two about ancient Egypt.
I'll list a few items, if you're interested.

No, I don't think that aliens built the pyramids in Egypt - at
Giza or anywhere else. However, the ancient Egyptians wrote
that the design of the Step pyramid "fell from the heavens at
Saqqara".  It includes an underground complex of 3.5 miles of
tunnels and rooms, dug through solid rock. Massive!
Thus, we do have an alien connection to Egyptian pyramids.

Of the 138, or so, pyramids in Egypt, not one has contained
an original, royal mummy. "Original" is the key word.

The design of the Giza pyramid complex is astounding in its
complexity, with dozens of amazing items. For example, a
Phi spiral (the Golden Spiral) of the Great Pyramid ends
exactly at the "sarcophagus" in the King's Chamber.
And the dimensions of the King's Chamber itself is in the
Golden Ratio.

The Great Pyramid was known as "Akhet Khufu", in ancient
times, which can be translated as "Protector from the Floods".
Today, the pyramid is known as "Khufu's Pyramid" or "The
Great Pyramid", but the Egyptologists might have it backwards,
with King Khufu named for "protection", and having nothing
to do with the pyramid.
His full name was "Khnum Khufu", which means "the god Khnum
protects me".
Calling it "Khufu's Pyramid" is like saying that Julius Caesar
invented the Caesar salad because they both contain the word
"Caesar", or that George Washington invented the washing
machine because "washing" is in both phrases.
I don't think so...
It's apparently just a coincidence that part of Khufu's name
is included in the ancient name for the Great Pyramid.

The so-called "Solar Boats" buried next to the Great Pyramid are
apparently real boats - river-ready.

One was excavated in the 1950s and put on display, and it
contains all the things a real boat would need, including
waterproofing, boat fenders, different types of wood, etc. As
such, it gives some credence to the pyramid as some kind of
"protector from the floods", just as they said.

The so-called "sarcophagus" in the Great Pyramid is actually a
seed bed - called an "Osiris Bed", very popular in ancient
Egypt. A sarcophagus must have the name of the deceased on its
outside so the soul can find its body. Some even have eyes
painted on the outside so the body or soul can see out. The one
in the Great Pyramid is completely barren of any markings, and
would have terminated the after-life of the King, with the
King's soul searching in vain for its coffin and body so it
could rest. A coffin for a king without his name on it would
have been treason and murder.

This was no tomb. None of them were built as tombs.
Mummies found in them were later "intrusive burials".

An "Osiris Bed" (seed bed) could also be termed an "Orion Bed"
since they referred to Orion as Osiris (at least, the Greeks

The Giza pyramids are laid out in the shape of "Orion's Belt" in
the constellation of Orion. Thus, we have an "Orion Bed" in the
Great Pyramid, although the Egyptians didn't call it that. Thus,
the seed bed (Orion Bed) fits with the layout of the Giza
pyramids (Orion's Belt). It wasn't intended for death, but to
represent life. The mainstream Egyptologists have it backwards
because they didn't do their homework, and looked only for
mundane explanations for things. The so-called "Giza necropolis"
is nothing of the sort. It represents life, regeneration, and a
new beginning.

Royalty was probably buried underground, or possibly also in
caves - not in pyramids. King Tut was buried underground.

"Egypt" is a Greek word. The ancient Egyptian name for Egypt is
"Kemet" (the land of black dirt) and also "Ta-meri" (the beloved
land). The ancient Egyptians might have come from Ireland, and
some ancient Egyptians are buried in Ireland with graves which
can still be seen today. Hair analysis and other evidence points
to the Egyptians as being unique, compared with their neighbors.
Khufu's mother was a redhead.

For more clues to the purpose of the pyramids, look underground.
Zahi Hawass has been doing it in the Giza area since at least
2008, but he's not talking.

Dave Morton

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