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Circles In Brazil Become Police Matter

From: Eustaquio Andrea Patounas <socex.ufobras.nul>
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 23:17:40 -0300
Archived: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 11:15:55 -0400
Subject: Circles In Brazil Become Police Matter

Crop Circles In West Santa Catarina State [Brazil] Turn Into
Police Matter

Owner of wheat field in Ipuacu, where some "agroglyphs"
appeared, wants compensation
By Darci Debona - Diario Catarinense


The appearance of circles on wheat crop fields from West for the
fifth year in a row ended up becoming a police matter. The owner
of the area where the so-called agroglyphs were found, Liana
Faccio, made an incident report at the Ipuacu police station.
According to her what damaged her wheat had nothing to do with
Aliens and was made by Earthlings, from whom she will demand

She even hired a watchman to stop curious people from causing
even further damage to her wheat field. Vilson Cunico is earning
from U$25 to U$30 a day to watch the field. Sometimes he needs
the assistance of Dercilio Bernardes, who works for the Faccio
family. Bernardes stopped being a farmer to become a watchman.

Regarding the 30 circles which occupy an area around the same
size as half of a soccer field, Cunico is emphatic:

- It's no big deal, it's just stomped wheat.

On Monday the deputy from Abelardo Luz county, Joao Luiz Miotto,
along with investigator, Renan Gatti, were in the place. And
despite the fear from a few people who even thought of Aliens
the policemen have no doubt.

- It's a prank - stated Miotto.

- The people who did this have nothing better to do - completed

They claim those responsible for the damage to the crop will be
identified and punished. At the site they saw evidence that at
the center of the circles there's a difference in texture,
showing that the point was used as an axis point to stomp the
wheat, probably with a rope and a plank.

Besides the due compensation, those responsible - who may be
wanting to create an air of mystery among the community - may
also answer for the crime of damage to property, with a sentence
ranging from six months up to a year in prison.

Other circles appeared in Ouro Verde, Bom Jesus and Xanxere

The president of the Astronomy Study Group from the Federal
University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Adolfo Stotz Neto, said the
agroglyphs found on the West are just a prank, just as happened
on the 1970s in Europe. He joked that these signs always show up
in wheat crops and leave no mark beyond the stomped plants.

There is no evidence of something burnt by the action of any
energy, and there are no records in other crops. He claimed the
Universe may be inhabited, but this remains an unconfirmed

Other crop circles have also been made in Ouro Verde, Bom Jesus
and Xanxere, neighbor cities to Ipuacu. In all cases they are
made in wheat crops, where the formations are better seen.
Besides that, the vandal acts are promoted on weekends and
holidays, when the families who work day by day, the whole week,
take their time to rest and go on vacation. [Friday, October
12th, was a National Holiday in Brazil] That is, these Aliens
are from the West indeed.

Interview: "This is an act of vandalism", claims Liana Faccio,
owner of the field

The owner of the crop field where the circle appeared, Liana
Faccio, spent the weekend trying to stop curious people from
damaging her crop even further. She is adamant that everything
is just the making of human beings and wants compensation for

Diario Catarinense (DC) - How did you came to know about the

Liana Faccio - Someone saw them and told a worker of mine, who
told me.

DC - What is your evaluation of what happened?

Liana - This is an act of vandalism. Someone trying to make the
headlines. It's a waste of time. It's no joking matter, they are
damaging other people's property. This weekend I made over 50
people who wanted to visite the site go back they way they came.
Even a car eneter the cropfield. Don't they know that is private

DC - What measures did you take?

Liana - I made an incident report [at the polie station], put a
watchman and sprayed a product to make the crop dry faster to
harvest it earlier. I won't leave this here until the weekend,
or it will become a circus. People from Concordia, Galvao, came
just to see the circles.

DC - What has been your loss?

Liana - It must be over U$500, as I have lost around 30 bags,
worth around U$15 each, as this was a wheat that would be used
as seed.

DC - Will you ask for compensation?

Liana - I will ask for everything I have the right for.

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