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Amazing Headline In Minot North Dakota Newspaper

From: Robert Hastings <ufohastings.nul>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 00:23:35 -0400 (EDT)
Archived: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 09:09:11 -0400
Subject: Amazing Headline In Minot North Dakota Newspaper


This newspaper article from 1966 was just brought to my
attention by former USAF Minuteman missile launch officer Dave

I already knew about the Saturday Evening Post article upon
which it was based, but never knew that the local media
published the story, giving it a banner headline no less.

The squadron commanders, who were trying to keep a lid on the
incident, must have been tearing their hair out.



[Transcribed by ebk - UFO UpDates from 2 .jpgs sent by Robert]

The Minot Daily News
Minot North Dakota, 58701

Tuesday, December, 6, 1966

Pages 1 & 2

Minot Control Center 'Saucer' Cited As One Indication Of
Outer Space Visitors

More than three months after it reportedly occurred, an
Unidentified Flying Object sighting the Minot area has been
blown up as the lead-off topic in an article entitled "Are
Flying Saucers Real?" which appears in the latest issue of
Saturday Evening Post magazine.

This sighting, says the Post article, occurred at a Minot Air
Force Base Minuteman missile launch control center. Date of the
incident is give as Aug. 25, 1966.

Base information officers confirmed such a report was made. It
was never released in Minot, but was sent to Wright-Patterson
Field in Ohio. From there, it presumably was channeled to the
Secretary of the Air Force's office - and he, again presumably,
released it to the magazine.

The article is by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, identified as chairman of
Northwestern University's astronomy department and an Air Force
consultant on "flying saucers" from 1948 until this year.

The Minot  incident is detailed in this manner:

A launch control center officer, who was in an underground
capsule, discovered static was interfering with radio
transmission. While he as attempting to clear the problem,
personnel on the surface reported seeing a UFO with a red
light high in the sky. At the same time, a radar crew picked
up the object at a height estimated at 100,000 feet.

Static stopped when the object climbed, the report maintains.
After climbing, it began to swoop and dive, then apparently
landed some distance away.

"Missile-site control sent a strike team... to check. When the
team was about 10 miles from the landing site, static disrupted
radio contact with them. five to eight minutes later, the glow
diminished and the UFO took off. Another UFO was visually
sighted and confirmed by radar. The one that was first sighted
passed beneath the second. Radar also confirmed this. The first
made for altitude toward the North and the second seemed to
disappear wit the glow of red."

It also is Hynek's assertion that a similar incident occurred
near the Minot bas a few days earlier. The article does not
quote any names of persons involved, but states:

"A police officer - a reliable man - saw in broad daylight what
he called 'an object on its edge floating down the side of a
hill, wobbling from side to side about 10 feet from the
ground. When it reached the valley floor, it climbed to about
100 feet, still tipped on its edge and moved across the valley
to a small reservoir.'

"The object, which was about 30 feet in diameter, next appeared
to flatten out and a small dome became visible on top. It
hovered over the water for about a minute, them moved to a small
field, where it appeared to be landing. It did not touch the
ground, however, but hovered at a height of about 10 feet some
250 away from the witness, who was standing by his parked patrol
car. The object then tilted up and disappeared rapidly into the
clouds. A fantastic story, yet I interviewed the witness in this
case and am personally satisfied that he is above reproach."

Hynek also details what he terms "one of the most puzzling cases
I have studied", this occurring in 1953 in the Bismarck area.

It started, he claims, when persons Northwest of Rapid City,
sighted objects, blips also appearing on radar screens at
Ellsworth AFB. An F84 jet dispatched aloft reportedly radioed
the object moved twice as the plane and when the pilot gave
chase the light "just disappeared."

"Later," says the article, "a second F84 was sent aloft and
directed toward the UFO, which still showed on ground radar.
After several minutes, the pilot reported seeing an object with
a light of varying intensity that alternated from white to
green. While the pilot was pursuing the UFO, he noted that his
gunsight light had flashed on, indicating that his plane's radar
was picking up a target. The object was directly ahead of his
aircraft, but at a slightly greater altitude. It then climbed
very rapidly. When the pilot saw he was hopelessly losing
ground, he broke of the chase...

"As the object sped off to the North, Ellsworth... notified the
spotters control center in Bismarck, 220 miles to the North,
where a Sergeant went out on the roof and saw a UFO. The Air
Force had no planes in Bismarck that could be sent after the
UFO, which finally disappeared later that night."

Hynek says he investigated the case himself and was not
convinced, "the entire incident, in my opinion (had) too much of
an Alice in Wonderland flavor for comfort".

But while he was skeptical of the Bismarck-Ellsworth report,
Hynek apparently has no such qualms concerning the reported
sightings in Minot this year - nor other such sightings
detailed in the article.

For the most part, he writes, he agrees with the Air Force in
dismissing the thousands of UFO reports as hoaxes,
hallucinations or misinterpretations of natural phenomena.

"But I cannot explain them all. Of the 15,000 cases that have
come to my attend, several hundred are puzzling and some of the
puzzling incidents, perhaps one in 25, are bewildering...

He also declares "it would be foolish to rule out the
possibility" that UFOs are really from outer space.

An attempt today to get names of base men involved in the
sightings met with the response: "Sorry, any information will
have to be released by the Secretary of the Air Force."


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