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Re: Lord Martin Rees "Only Kooks See UFOs"

From: Stanton T. Friedman <fsphys.nul>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 16:44:31 -0300
Archived: Fri, 21 Sep 2012 19:56:05 -0400
Subject: Re: Lord Martin Rees "Only Kooks See UFOs"

>From: Chris Rutkowski <canadianuforeport.nul>
>To: <ebk.nul>
>Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 09:47:05 -0500
>Subject: Re: Lord Martin Rees "Only Kooks See UFOs"

>>Source: HuffPo.Com



>>Lord Martin Rees: Aliens Fascinate Everyone, But Only Kooks See UFOs
>>Lee Speigel

>>Astronomers - the men and women who study the stars, galaxies
>>and beyond - have an almost universal agreement that there's
>>nothing of scientific interest when it comes to the subject of

>>In fact, many professionals who gaze into the heavens actually
>>speak about UFO sightings with disdain - even though countless
>>military officials, heads of state, newsmakers and commercial
>>pilots have said they've seen unidentified flying objects.

>>"No serious astronomer gives any credence to any of these
>>stories," said Lord Martin Rees, the official U.K. astronomer

>Later in the article, James McGaha, astronomer extraordinaire
>and ardent debunker, makes the statement:

>"Most professional astronomers don't look at the sky. Most of
>them sit in a room with computers and image the sky, so they
>don't ever go outside and look, and many of them don't know how
>to actually identify the constellations in the sky - it's
>unfortunate, but that's the way it is."

>But when _I_ stated that fact in a number of publications and
>venues, including UFO UpDates, debunkers attacked me for not
>understanding astronomy.

>Go figure.

>As for the main premise of the article, of course, Rees'
>statement that only "kooks" see UFOs is completely incorrect. At
>a recent conference in Saskatchewan, I deliberately presented a
>series of government documents detailing UFO sightings reported
>by military personnel.

>Oh, wait...

I have done 2 monthly MUFON J. articles on the intellectual
bankruptcy of Dr. Rees and many about the foolish claims of the
SETI Cultists. It is fascinating that they make no reference to
large scale scientific publications such as the Congressional
Hearings of 1968. 3 of the 12 papers were by astronomers.

They don't even mention Dr. J. Allan Hynek Chairman of the
Astronomy Dept. at Northwestern Univ. and USAF consultant on
UFOs for 20 years and author of UFOs A Scientific Inquiry. He
included Astronomer sightings.

Dr. Jim McDonald's Testimony Included UFO reports by
astronomers... There is nothing in the training of astronomers
that deals with high performance deep space propulsion systems
or the behavior of Earthlings no less aliens. Rees follows the
standard debunking rules:

1. Don't bother me with the facts, my mind is made up.

2. What thr public doesn't know, I won't tell them

3. If one can't attack the data, attack the people.It's easier.

4. Do one's research by proclamation. Investigation is too much

In 1941 Dr. Campbbell, an astronomer, scientifically
demonstrated that the required initial launch weight of a rocket
able to get a man to the moon and back would be a million
million tons.The actual weight was 3000 tons. He proved that if
one makes enough stupid assumptions, one can "scientifically"
prove anything is impossible . The book "Science Was Wrong" by
Kathleen Marden and myself gives many examples of such stupidity
by "Smart" people.

My website www.stantonfriedman.com  lists a 2 hour debate DVD Are
Flying Saucers Real? Me vs. James Magaha at Middle Tenn State Univ.

Listen to 'Strange Days... Indeed' - The PodCast



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