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Re: Cosmic Cars And Other Road Oddities

From: Jeff Davis <casureal.nul>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2012 12:12:19 -0400
Archived: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 07:08:48 -0400
Subject: Re: Cosmic Cars And Other Road Oddities

>Source: BeforeItsNews.Com


>Tuesday, September 18, 2012

>Cosmic Cars And Other Road Oddities
>By Albert S Rosales

Mr. Rosales & List,

I was extremely pleased and entertained with/by your recent
article entitled Cosmic Cars and Other Road Oddities. I
thoroughly enjoyed it and found out about it via the UFO Updates
mailing list. Just wanted to pass on my thanks directly and
share with you and others a bit of my own thoughts concerning
reported high strangeness encounters.

First off, what is there not to be fascinated with concerning
these utterly amazing reports? They resonate with a certain
basic grounded quality and at the same time they present an
unfolding story configuration that at times is simply too weird
for words.

For the UFO buff, of which I am assuredly one, they seem to
reveal a glimpse into a realm of community for which we really
have no present orientation or familiarity. Could it be that we
are really just one of what may be thousands of diverse life
forms that intermittently reveal themselves to us human beings
via chance random unintended intermingling?

Being a life-long student of the notion that proclaims whatever
we can consciously imagine is in fact being a practical
possibility, may in fact come to pass as being de facto reality,
I'd certainly at very least like to think so. However, as
discriminating and critical minds constantly remind us in their
all too overbearing and even at times severe tones, such notions
for the realms of that which we may entertain as being
practically possible do in fact come with specific and
conflicting scientifically accepted baggage. For them anyway,
the empirically empowered and entrenched, that baggage would
seem to bear out an impossibly totable star matter like weight
of the just plain ridiculous. But isn't the the realm of the
ridiculous where things, especially things theoretically
scientific, get truly interesting?

Enter the hopelessly romantic scientist who is actually anything
but, IE. the ever empirically punished Intelligent Design crowd.
If you are not familiar with this overwhelmingly fascinating
subject I strongly recommend the documentary, Expelled: No
Intelligence Allowed (2008) as a basic introduction:


Intelligent Design (ID) is in no way affiliated with any certain
religion nor is it based on any belief system for that matter.
What those highly credentialed scientists that support the
notion of ID uphold En masse is that there seems to be far more
scientific evidence pointing to intelligent physical
intervention as well as bioelectrical and biochemical
initiation, than there is to support Darwinian Evolution. Not
one of these scientific ID supporters denies a basic process of
developmental progressive change or evolution within a species.
They simply cannot buy, because of an immense (almost a
complete) lack of hard evidential support of and for, as well as
an even more so immense leap of faith to justify, that which
constitutes the Darwinian notions for the origin of species and
indeed the cosmos itself. I find it utterly fascinating how well
this ties in with many of our own like minded researchers who
routinely outline and expound upon the various aspects of what
is Forbidden Archeology


Many archeologists over the course of the last 50 years have
faced and suffered the same precise dogmatic black listing,
rejection and professional academic subterfuge as have the
scientists that openly support ID.

Could it be that the incredible accounts that come to us via
reported Humanoid Encounters are representative, if only in
part, of our own specie's highest order of guided evolution in
progress? Scientifically, we know that the greatest amount of
recent ongoing measurable human physical evolution is occurring
within the brain itself. Yet, we do not know how or why:


I would also posit the following for your consideration in
relation to our species possible guided development and what may
be a very well means to the external facilitation of this

Amit Goswami is one of the greatest minds I have ever came to
consider and learn from. Whereas his credentialed
accomplishments are profound including being the author of such
notable and accepted teaching texts as Quantum Mechanics
(commonly issued within and taught from at college/university
level world wide), it's his research into theoretical Quantum
Consciousness that has really hit home with me and many others.
For a truly delightful introduction into this realm of
consciousness exploration I recommend the following documentary:

The Quantum Activist


I would ask anyone, as there simply cannot be too many
intelligent minds to consider, what is the riddle of the Quantum
Mind if not to be the bearer of the practical science of
possibilities? To make short, insultingly so and that is
precisely why I cannot recommend strongly enough to check out
and pursue as much for yourselves, the Quantum exploration and
summation of consciousness supports the alternative possibility
in theory that consciousness is the ultimate source of
causation. This is to say that all experience, including the
very brain itself, is the result of quantum consciousness
instead of the materialist's scientific view point that contends
the opposite. This is certainly not to state something as inane
as the notion that "we are what we think" or any such
materialistic wishful thinking gobbledygook. The sort of get
rich quick scheming that is commonly bandied about by various
new age charlatans. Rather, this is hard mathematically
expressed theoretical quantum physics as applied to the
exploration of human consciousness.

I will wrap up my first real post to the UFO UpDates List with a
simple series of hypothetical open ended questions for all to
consider if you deem them worthwhile to do so.

1) Is it possible that the marked physical evolution of the
brain itself, as evidenced in the link above, is the result of a
guided evolution process akin to the notion of hypothetical
intercessory Intelligent Design wherein the quantum
consciousness aspect, relative to the sum of our consciousness
as a whole, is the indigenous environmental interface by which
this ID is initiated by an external agent?

a) Further, are reported experiences that bear out distinct
aspects of diverse encounter oriented high strangeness
indicative of ego specific Quantum Consciousness intercessory

b) Further, could related high strangeness encounter experiences
be the product of individual memory confabulation due to an
external intelligent agents interface with an aspect of the
quantum consciousness of causation? In other words a deeper
experience being relatively imprinted onto the waking conscious
mind's experiential memory.

2) Could some UFOs sightings actually be representative of a
technology that allows for the intelligent navigation of what is
the realm of this same quantum consciousness itself as their
(the UFOs) medium environment through which to travel? In this
sense with respect to the quantum consciousness of causation as
a navigable medium, it's indigenous rendering of our existence
within it might be likened in effect to that of a vast ocean in
which us as free willed intelligent creatures constantly find
ourselves bound to it's relevance of time, mass and space. Their
coming and going from such a consciousness induced relevance
would represent an ability to adapt and enter into our
indigenous native reality index and of course the ability to
return to their own. There may actually be no physical distance
between any number of such quantum consciousness environmental
production stages. One such would be a realm that we presently
exist within as a result of consciousness, but have not yet
evolved to the point of being able to willfully or
technologically access apart from the standardized indigenous
entrainment we are currently synchronized with?

a) Is such access the ends to an evolutionary process that
Quantum Consciousness facilitates at the impetus of an external
intelligence's ongoing guided design?

Thanks For Your Time/Consideration,

Jeff Davis

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