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C B Scott Jones Book Now Online

From: Isaac Koi <isaackoi.nul>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2012 22:19:41 +0100
Archived: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 07:17:46 -0400
Subject: C B Scott Jones Book Now Online

Various members of "the Aviary" have written books and articles
about ufology. Some of those books are easy to obtain (and I have
several of them), while some are a bit harder to purchase.

In relation to the latter, I have recently contacted C B Scott
Jones and obtained his permission to upload a scanned copy of his
book Phoenix In The Labyrinth to a free file storage website.

This book contains the text of a collection of lectures by C B
Scott Jones. It is difficult to obtain via second-hand book
sellers (including Amazon, Abebooks etc).

The Archives for UFO Research in Sweden ("the AFU") have promptly
responded to a request I made for them to scan this book from
their enviable collection.

Due to the AFU's work in promptly scanning the book, a searchable
PDF copy of C B Scott Jones' book "Phoenix in the Labyrinth" is
now available to download (with the permission of its author)
from the free file storage website at the link below:

As many of you probably know, C B Scott Jones has been discussed
in several books and on quite a few websites in the context of
"the Aviary" (being referred to in those discussions as
"Chickadee" and/or the infamous "Falcon") and his work as an aide
to Senator Pell.

Relevant webpages include:




C B Scott Jones has also also discussed by the authors of several
UFO books, including by:

(1) Robert M Collins (with Doty, Richard C and Cooper, Timothy S)
in =93Exempt From Disclosure=94 (2006) at page 8 (in Section 1,
Chapter 1) of the Peregrine Communications softcover second

(2) Steven Greer in his =93Hidden Truth -- Forbidden Knowledge=94
(2006) at page 99 (in Chapter 13) of the Crossing Point softcover

(3) George P Hansen in his The Trickster And The Paranormal
(2001) at pages 228, 239-241, 244, 457, 459 of the Xlibris
softcover edition.

(4) Jim Schnabel in his Remote Viewers: The Secret History Of
America=92s Psychic Spies (1997) at pages 272-273 (in Chapter 18)
of the Dell paperback edition.

The book includes details of C B Scott Jones' views on various
topics and his interaction with the UFO community, including
during a trip to China when he met with UFO researchers and
obtained details of sightings there.

In my recent pleasant exchanges with C B Scott Jones, I asked
whether he would like to provide any direct comment on any of
the speculation and theories that surround him and other members
of "the Aviary", with a view to my including those comments in
this post. While he did not respond to that aspect of the
relevant email, I think his views on those theories are implicit
in his book, including in the following extracts:

Page 11 of the PDF (page 4 of the book):

"Frankly, I do not have any direct knowledge that there is any
inside govemment information. I don't consider this to be a
handicap, rather it is an essential liberating condition for me.
If I had inside information, I would not be here tonight.
Technically, I could be speaking on this subject if I had
information, but this would be in the role, perhaps, as an agent
of disinformation. But, ethically, I could not do this."

Page 29 of the PDF (page 22 of the book):

"Question: Comments on the authenticity of the MJ -12 documents.

Answer: I have perhaps the same amount of information that those
of you who have followed that. I simply do not know whether it
is authentic or not. I sort of flounder to think of what
additionally can be done beyond that which Bill Moore and the
others have done to authenticate the document. Recall that the
document itself is not a document as such. It is not a piece of
paper. It was on film. And so, paper testing and so on cannot be
done. The efforts of content analysis, that has been done
accomplished so far, fails to prove that it is not authentic,
but it also fails to prove. That is in my view.

C B Scott Jones asked me to include the following brief notice in
the PDF copy of his book, which I'll include here as well for
good measure:

"The author is currently involved in global peace work that
involves extraterrestrial cultures. Details of this work may be
seen at www.peaceroom.com. The specific programs are Plan C that
promotes a pre-disclosure global dialogue about the anticipated
consequences of formal disclosure of Earth/Extraterrestrial
contact, and the Outer Space Security and Development Treaty".

Kind Regards,


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