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Can They Go Home NOW Please? - Cox

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Subject: Can They Go Home NOW Please? - Cox

Source: Billy Cox's Blog De Void


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Can They Go Home NOW Please?
By Billy Cox, Herald-Tribune

We don't need another example of how desperately partisan
Capitol Hill has become. We really don't. But this week, even
when the most futile and least popular Congress in American
memory swerved off-script and managed to do something
legitimately interesting, it all went in the ditch. And folks,
this is a big reason scientists are reluctant to subject edgy
new ideas to scrutiny from the Beltway hacks.

The occasion was Wednesday's House Science Committee hearing,
called "Astrobiology: The Search for Biosignatures in Our Solar
System and Beyond" and chaired by Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Tex.
Truthfully, it wasn't all that edgy, either. Not anymore.

Considering the Exoplanet Data Explorer has confirmed the
existence of 755 planets outside our solar system, with another
3,470 Kepler-identified candidates awaiting analysis, this one
was actually a no-brainer. Especially given the fact that just
one day before panelists convened, Hubble Space Telescope
researchers announced the discovery of five exoplanets that emit
"a very clear signal" for water.

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