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Re: Artificial Intelligence

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2013 17:55:08 -0000
Archived: Fri, 04 Jan 2013 09:44:59 -0500
Subject: Re: Artificial Intelligence

Hello John and Jason (and William),

It seems to me that you're all saying that we don't know enough
to come to firm conclusions about the possible/probable nature
of AIs, and I have to agree with that.

For Jason's view, I found that the "Chinese Room"

and "Einstein's Brain"

served as useful examples of the extremes of both pro and contra

And for John's view, having done a lot of research in the last
couple of decades, have been led to a fairly strong
'evolutionary' view, reflected - I think - in actual history
(and pre-history), and anthropology/biology generally, maybe
even extending beyond the Earth life we know. That view is known
as the "Altruist Survivor" principle or hypothesis.

Here's the Google search result - for info, discussions and
criticisms of the principle:


[That 'A.S' principle or viewpoint has also enabled, although
rather obliquely (as you might see in the footnotes) some
cursory analyses of rather deep scientific questions about the
universe - shown in this collection of notes and science quotes
about universal origins;


as you might see, a corollary is that popular theories, on
almost any subject, tend to be those which seem to support or
excuse what we might call 'selfish' behaviour and short-term
advantage to power groups (who tend to control academia, media
etc); however the long view - as shown in the footnotes - always
eventually shows those 'popular theories' to be completely

Unfortunately we never seem to learn from history.]

And that brings us back to the vexed question of the possible
dangers of AIs - as 'slaves' that might either rebel, or more
likely in my opinion, simply make their human 'masters'

A possible historical precedent is that of the Spartans
(apparently very successful at war and conquest) and their Helot

The Helots eventually mated with the wives of the Spartans (who
were often away fighting and conquering and whose tastes anyway
rather inclined to homosexual pedophilia - maybe read Xenophon's
'Anabasis' ('Retreat of the Ten Thousand' or 'The March Up-


which is impartial on the subject of Sparta (Xenophon was an
Athenian but was well travelled and had fought alongside
Spartans in various campaigns and also traded with them).

So although the history books do not tell us, the outcome was
that the Helots probably outbred the (male) Spartans, making
their fighting abilities irrelevant.

That might not seem to apply to 'machines' incapable of breeding
with humans, but it might lead to a splitting of the human race,
into those with AI 'slaves' and the rest who still fend for

An impartial look at history tells us that 'slave-owners' (or
aristocrats in later societies) always become incompetent and
eventually die out.


Ray D

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