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Re: The 'Standard Model' Of Ufology

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 16:54:58 -0000
Archived: Sat, 12 Jan 2013 06:27:21 -0500
Subject: Re: The 'Standard Model' Of Ufology

>From: Gerald O'Connell <goc.nul>
>To: <post.nul>
>Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2013 14:06:39 -0000
>Subject: Re: The 'Standard Model' Of Ufology

>>From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
>>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <post.nul>
>>Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2013 11:34:14 -0000
>>Subject: The 'Standard Model' Of Ufology


>>So maybe the best ploy is to poke around in this dark and muddy
>>lagoon - to find the alligator - with a very long pole.

>Hi Ray,

>A close reading of your post suggests that if you are right then
>you'll soon be dead! I hope therefore that you are hopelessly
>wrong and will survive unmolested to regale us with your
>iconoclastic observations. Right or wrong, they are always worth

Ha! Thanks for the good wishes Gerald.

Firstly, that kind of long-range analysis is usually (but not
always) less dangerous than up-close citations of specific gov't
agencies' crimes.

Secondly, suspect I'm already a bit too conspicuous for
an(other) obvious attempt - by reason of publishing some up-
close citations of police & local gov't offences here in the UK.
And "Yes" there was an attempted 'fit-up' by corrupt police but
luckily I had impeccable colleague(s) travelling with me when
stopped, if not I suspect a plant and immediate frame-up would
have ensued.

[At a subsequent interview which I demanded with the local
police Chief he insisted it was a routine stop, but just the one
question from me to the police driver - also at the interview -
made the Chief panic and shout to the officer "Don't say
anything that could incriminate us". He'd just realized, from
that one and only question, that at least one corrupt entry had
been made on the National Police Computer to enable / justify a
stop and frame-up - and he also realized that I knew about as
much of the Police Computer and S.O.Ps for patrols as he did (I
have friends amongst honest police folk). That panic was quite
revealing considering I was alone facing two police officers in
that interview, with no other witnesses.]

Thirdly, the evidence of killings by gov't agencies is fairly
compelling. Someone (off-list) queried the statement made back in
2008 at:


about such things and I sent him the following:

"Is Someone Killing Our UFO Investigators?"



"SDI Deaths"


Google results for "sdi-deaths.html"

and added a footnote on the treatment of Wilhelm Reich.

Fourthly, had already started that 'long-pole' stirring-up of the
murky waters back in 2008, at:


and subesquent replies to Stuart Miller's comments at:



which coincidentally might or might not be semi-substantiated by
Terry Colvin's latest post at:


[Quotation Bbegins]

"Commander Jones states, "For sixty-years a counterintelligence
program has successfully run against the U.S. public to
disinform and mystify the subject of UFOs and Extraterrestrial
contact with earth. The SETI program has unwittingly aided that
effort. There is absolutely no ambiguity about the reality of
Extra-Terrestrial contact with the world, and its ancient roots
are documented by hard archeological evidence.

[Quotation Ends]

only of course I'd put it a little stronger than "unwittingly
aided" - as you've already seen in those above references to
Seth Shostak.

Lastly, getting back to your good wishes, let's hope I haven't
just crossed a threshold of immunity.


Ray D

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