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Stem Cells & UFO Abductions

From: Gregory Boone <evolbaby.nul>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 14:27:04 -0500 (EST)
Archived: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 05:53:33 -0500
Subject: Stem Cells & UFO Abductions

This is going to be a post for the records. Let me try to be as
clear as possible as I've not seen anyone mention this before.

Stem cells. They're all over the news as the new miracle in
modern medicine and for good reason. I work in the stem cell
industry and can attest to seeing miracles occur. There's much
confusion regarding what stem cells are and the controversy
surrounding them but as one who gets to talk to the top doctors,
patients, researchers, and press I can tell you that when all is
said and done medicine as we know it is about to take a major
turn for the better.

This is no joke nor am I going to snake oil what these cells can
do. There are clinical trial conclusions that you can see for
yourself. As I type this the push for the FDA to approve some of
these treatments is on, in full. Here is one briefing that will
knock your socks off. It's regarding CIRM's cardiac stem cell
approach. Needless to say the results astounded even the doctor
who pioneered this procedure.


There are embryonic stem cells that our doctors don't approve of
and instead push for using one's own stem cells called adult
stem cells. Embryonic stem cells tend to form tumors. There's a
whole monster debate about that and the Supreme Court of the
U.S. just announced their decisions on the issue.

Let me cut to the chase here. I myself am getting cardiac stem
cell treatments. I've sent many people to get treatments and all
are on their feet and happy and healthy. While going over the
procedures we use to extract and grow the stem cells I kept
having flashbacks to abductee stories. Suddenly it dawned on me
that maybe our visitors, the abductors were harvesting stem
cells not just DNA. Bingo, it all made sense. Unless you know
what stem cells can do you won't get the full picture. To me
this cements the abductee stories. Things got scary real quick.

See, with stem cells they can differentiate into any other cell
in the body. We're now able to grow organs like hearts and so on
and the technology is rapidly progressing. Yes, Dr. Doris Taylor
one of the foremost people in stem cells is doing just this.


At Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles Dr. Eduardo Marban has achieved
cardiac stem cell results that a few years ago science said was
impossible to achieve. We're not talking second raters here,
we're talking the best scientists we've got. My own boss Don


who had the first commercially successful cardiac stem cell
treatment center back in 2004 has been forecasting these
advances years and damn near to the date. As I watched the
procedures again I kept thinking about abductees.

It's gotta be stem cells. Chimeras too. Hybrids. It all makes
sense. This is why some people get abducted and some families.
It's their stem cell lines.

See, we can program our stem cells. It's amazing but also recent
research shows our stem cells do far more amazing things than
we'd imagined.

It's not too far fetched to see that manipulating the body via
stem cells can increase life spans to unimaginable lengths and
perhaps our abductors know this. It makes being an abductee a
step up. Maybe abductees have those certain plusses that allow
them to survive better. Perhaps in the distant past the secret
of stem cells was discovered. It's a good bet that those doing
the abducting know all about the power of stem cells and it's
better than even money we will be catching up real soon.


Greg Boone

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