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Re: Stem Cells & UFO Abductions

From: Kay Wilson <kaywilson.nul>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 14:25:25 -0800
Archived: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 17:54:03 -0500
Subject: Re: Stem Cells & UFO Abductions

>From: Gregory Boone < evolbaby.nul>
>Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 14:27:04 -0500 (EST)
>Archived: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 05:53:33 -0500
>Subject: Stem Cells & UFO Abductions

>This is going to be a post for the records. Let me try to be as
>clear as possible as I've not seen anyone mention this before.


>It's gotta be stem cells. Chimeras too. Hybrids. It all makes
>sense. This is why some people get abducted and some families.
>It's their stem cell lines.

>See, we can program our stem cells. It's amazing but also recent
>research shows our stem cells do far more amazing things than
>we'd imagined.

>It's not too far fetched to see that manipulating the body via
>stem cells can increase life spans to unimaginable lengths and
>perhaps our abductors know this. It makes being an abductee a
>step up. Maybe abductees have those certain plusses that allow
>them to survive better. Perhaps in the distant past the secret
>of stem cells was discovered. It's a good bet that those doing
>the abducting know all about the power of stem cells and it's
>better than even money we will be catching up real soon.

Hello List:

The DNA connection with alien abductions is something abduction
researchers have tried to get across for a long time now.

The following examples have been published on my site for years.

From my article Dracos, Reptilians and Dargons:

They stood in the darkness in a shadowed area of their craft
and told me they wanted us. They wanted humans to become like
them; to literally transform into them. They said to me

We prefer to have your permission. It is better when you agree
on your own and are not coerced, but we can transform you by
force if necessary.

This transformation process he spoke of most likely involves
the creation of a hybrid race of Beings. After enough births
from Reptilian-Human, Dracos-Human or Nommo-Human hybrids, our
offspring could in fact end up looking very much like them.

The question now is: Why are two or more species of
extraterrestrial Beings using human DNA to create new life? My
husband's response [he was also abducted that evening]:

Maybe humans are unique and we are viewed by other Beings as
'the stem cells' of the Universe.

Full Article can be read here:


Another example is from my free e-book: I Forgot What I Wasn't
Supposed To Remember. pp 121-122

She communicated with me through spoken words. She was
informing me, while looking at a DNA chart of some type... [she
said to me]

Many people carry the genetic marker we are looking for, but
your body can produce the actual gene. Your body produces the
equivalent of gold for us.

Free e-book can be read here:


From page 78 of the same book:

The female Being told me that all of the people 'abductees' I
saw there had to have their blood-DNA tested because the Beings
were looking for something very specific that they needed from

In 'A Shared Medical Procedure' my husband and I were both
implanted with small devices that took some type of tissue (DNA)
from us. The objects implanted from me were then removed and
were re-implanted into a hybrid female.

The full article can be read here:


From Karla Turner, Ph.D. 'TAKEN'

She was told that she and some other women there were part of a
genetic experiment which involves cloning and DNA

'Into The Fringe' They are regenerating from animal to human,
from human to animal,' he surmised,'Regenerating DNA. I think it
has something to do with the immune system. Either they are
testing our immune system, or doing something with it, what it
is I don't know, but they did implant something into the woman.
They seem to be crossbreeding, too. Between animal and human.

Dr. Turner's books can be read here:


These are only a few examples - abductee DNA is key to why
certain aliens are coming here and what they are doing to
abductees. They are essentially harvesting abductees for their
DNA. Jim Sparks also came to this conclusion in his
autobiographical book 'The Keepers'

More about Jim Sparks can be read here:


The Beings have also shown me tanks containing millions of
fertilized eggs and showed me that they use them or material
from them) to impregnate in - or 'help' the process along - for
the females of their species. The Beings were the tall Greys.
Interestingly, they do not hold the fertilized egg as sacred as
some humans do because as they worded it: 'we do not use them
all' and 'it does not matter if any go unused' i.e., are

The harvesting of DNA has been occurring for a long time, and a
lot of us have been talking and publishing and writing about it
for many years.

As Jim Sparks stated - paraphrasing - We are like the cattle in
the fields" - only they don't kill us. To do so would cut off
their supply of abductee 'human' DNA.

Kay Wilson

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