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A Primer of the Zeta Race

From: William Treurniet <wtreurniet.nul>
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2013 15:35:42 -0500
Archived: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 06:28:20 -0500
Subject: A Primer of the Zeta Race

Many UFO sightings and stories of contact with non-human beings
can't be understood in terms of our science.  The same can be
said about most paranormal phenomena. The difficulties we have
in accepting observations and experimental results in all these
areas are mostly due to an inadequate explanatory framework. So
I keep my options open to alternative ways of understanding.

During 2012, I had the good fortune to come to know an unusual
medium, Paul Hamden. Paul is able to connect with the minds of
beings who say they are physical extraterrestrials. Unlike us,
they have evolved to the point where they can separate their
spirit consciousness from their physical bodies. Paul enters a
trance state where he moves his mind out of the way and allows
the ET consciousness to take over his body in order to
communicate with other people. This ability did not come easily
and in the beginning was quite uncomfortable for him. Paul is a
well-grounded individual and works hard at understanding the new
world-view that he is offered in the answers to questions posed
to the ETs.

I have interviewed several members of the Zeta race a number of
times via Paul. This race is part of the ET species that we call
greys. During these interviews, the ETs use the medium's
vocabulary, and we have come to understand that their home
planet is in the Zeta Reticuli star system.

For a number of reasons, I am persuaded that the consciousness
speaking is not the medium's consciousness. These reasons are
given in a small book that Paul and I have recently published on
Amazon called "A Primer of the Zeta Race" (paperback and ebook).
The first part of the book describes some Zeta history, their
home planet, some Zeta physiology, technology (including craft),
cosmology, philosophy, and information on race relations and
activities on earth. The issue of abductions is also discussed.


The second part of the book contains analyses related to
particular topics discussed with the Zetas. Paul had already
published some transcripts before I arrived on the scene, and I
was able to have my own conversations with the Zetas on
particular topics. On the basis of these conversations, a model
of communication between the ETs and this medium is proposed and
evaluated. I was particularly interested in the kind of physics
that applies in the non-spatial, energetic environment where
consciousness is fundamental. The transcripts were analyzed with
this in mind, and a framework is proposed for conscious
experience in such an environment.

There is also a discussion on the nature of life in the
universe. Spirits from the human spirit realm and some from the
ET realms are incarnated in human form on earth, and these forms
are used for experience by many races in the galaxy. So
extraterrestrials define a being by its spirit, not by the
physical body it currently uses.

How is our world of matter a part of the greater energetic
environment? This was addressed more recently in another
interview with a Zeta. He revealed the process underlying the
creation of ectoplasm in physical mediumship seances. The
description is analogous to Hotson's cosmological model based on
the Dirac equation. The similarity is discussed in the following
article, and begins to bridge our understanding of the physical
and energetic environments.



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