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New At The Alien Jigsaw

From: Kay Wilson <kaywilson.nul>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 13:20:37 -0800
Archived: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 06:56:40 -0500
Subject: New At The Alien Jigsaw

Hello List:


I have recently published two new articles by Kathleen Marden


that I think a lot of readers of the List will find of interest.

Article Descriptions Follow:

'The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Abduction: Where the Debunkers
Went Wrong' (c) 2013 By Kathleen Marden, BA, CHT Social Worker,
Educator, Author, Expert on the Betty & Barney Hill Case,
MUFON's Team of Abduction Researchers

Photographs, Maps, and Illustrations.
Subheadings Include:

(1)  False Information About The Hill's Credibility
(2)  False Statements About Their Trip To Niagara Falls
(3)  False Statements About The UFO Sighting
(4)  A Nazi Crew? Baloney!
(5)  Misleading Statements About The Weather
(6)  Misleading Statements About Two Hours Of Missing Time
(7)  Physical and Circumstantial Evidence
(8)  Scientific Analysis of Betty Hill's Dress
(9)  Invalid Speculation: the Outer Limits Show "Bifrost Man"
(10) False Statements about Betty Hill's Dreams
(11) The Souvenir Book

Kathleen Marden:

'Betty and Barney Hill are best known as the first alien
abduction experiencers to stir worldwide attention, because of
their 1961 UFO abduction. Their story might have faded into the
annals of preposterous claims except for the fact that the Hills
were credible people with no prior interest in the topic.'

'Debunkers have disseminated false and misleading information
about Betty’s interest in the topic, stating that she was a
longtime believer in UFOs and had read many books and articles
on the subject. The facts are partially documented in a letter
written by Barney to Major Donald Keyhoe, Director of NICAP.
Barney wrote,

'I was a skeptic prior to this (UFO sighting), although my wife
felt they could exist. Neither of us had any training or
knowledge in the past'  Continue Reading:


'The Marden-Stoner Study on Commonalities Among UFO Abduction
Experiencers' By Kathleen Marden , BA, CHT

Kathleen Marden's and Denise Stoner's latest research findings
on alien abduction experiencers:

Subheadings Include: Methodology, Demographics, Abduction
Memories: Conscious Recall, Physiological Responses: Implants,
Unexplained Marks, Nose Bleeds, Rashes, Burns & Hair Loss, Blood
Chemistry & Bleeding Disorders; Salt Cravings; Physiological
Changes, Gynecological Problems, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and

Although the late Kathy Kasten viciously attacked Kathleen
Marden for posting her and Denise Stoner's original post
regarding this study, others helped promote their research and
some of us took part in it. Im happy to have been one of those
people. The second part of their study is still underway. If you
are an alien abductee-experiencer and wish to participate in
this study, further information can be accessed here:

Abduction Experiencer Survey 'ET Technology'


The Lucius O. Farish Research and Education Trust Web site


Dr. Roger Leir and Steven Colbern Present:
'Alien Implants: The Tip of the Iceberg'
February 27 - March 3, 2013 UFOcongress.com


Puzzle Pieces New Blog 2013

'Discovering The Truth: The Hill-Wilson Star Map'
By Steve Pearse


"When the leader being challenged Betty Hill to locate where she
was on the star map...he wanted her to understand the fact that
he was showing her the answer to two fundamental questions,
which is where she was on the star map, and where they come

"We are here on Earth, and the perspective or vantage point to
view the star map is from our vantage point. We see everything
else when we peer into the heavens at night. This discovery is a
major breakthrough because it finally provides the hard evidence
that contact has taken place. As painful as it might be,
Disclosure will have to eventually take place, and this
discovery is going to hasten that process as the truth will now
see the light of day."

"The full story of this remarkable discovery is covered in my
book: Set Your Phaser to Stun... a scientific investigation into
the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, which finally provides the long
sought tangible evidence that we are being visited by
extraterrestrial beings from another world. Their true home
world has been finally discovered...."

Begin Reading... pdf http://tinyurl.com/a22s99n

Steve Pearse can be contacted through his Web site.

For Comments or Questions visit:


'Rediscovered' In Response to NOVA's
'...unconscionable violation of journalistic ethics' John E.
Mack, M.D. penned a detailed letter to Denise DiIanni for NOVA's
inaccurate, unethical and biased program, 'Kidnapped By UFO's?'

John E. Mack: 'In our work thus far, we have found isolation to
be one of the most damaging aspects of this phenomenon. As a
psychiatrist, I want to go on record saying this program is
potentially harmful to many people. We are not saying what is
generating this phenomenon; we are not drawing conclusions.'

'As a psychiatrist with more than 40 years of clinical
experience, my assessment is that these people are having real
experiences that are not the product of a psychiatric condition
or psychological distortion. The source of these experiences is
unknown. But as a clinician I am compelled to respond to my
clients' distress, their ability to function in their daily
lives. This has gotten lost in the show.'

Begin Reading... http://tinyurl.com/a785nwu

New Web Site: Project UFO SkyWatch: Art Featuring Alien
Abductions, Encounter Experiences and Close Encounters


Thanks for taking a look

Kay Wilson

Listen to 'Strange Days... Indeed' - The PodCast



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UFO UpDates - Toronto. They may not be reproduced
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are intended for educational use only.

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