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Colin Andrews Re: We're Done Here, Now Go Away -

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Subject: Colin Andrews Re: We're Done Here, Now Go Away -

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>Wednesday, July 3, 2013

>We're Done Here, Now Go Away
>By Billy Cox, Herald-Tribune

>David Clarke, the tireless Sheffield
>Hallam University professor whose decade-long quest in getting
>his country's National Archives to release UFO files compiled by
>the British Ministry of Defence, reached the end of the road on
>June 23 with a final data-dump into the public domain. And he
>signed off on that last batch with I-told-you-so relish. There
>were no smoking guns amid the 52,000 pages released since the
>incremental undertaking began in 2009, and even veteran British
>researcher Jenny Randles lauded Clarke's persistence.


I am posting the below from researcher Colin Andrews -
colinandrews415.nul - who wrote it in an email to me.

He doesn't subscribe to this List but at my suggestion is happy
for me to post it here on his behalf

From Colin Andrews


My genuine belief is that Clarke is on the pay-roll or he had
already a fixed view he was able to reinforce that UFOs don't
exist. The 'missing' documents is what this story should be all
about and to be honest, there are serious researchers who hold
the evidence that this is one big farce by the MOD. Left
uncoordinated its not known or visible to the public.

For my part, four cases that I have personal involvement and

1: The strange orb seen next to Army helicopters near crop
circle at Alton Barnes and captured on video. There was an
'official' investigation by no less than the head of UK ground
forces at Wilton. That case was NOT released. Why and where is

2. In 1986 Mr and Mrs Jack Collins called 999 when they
witnessed a large UFO over Stockbridge Downs, Hampshire. Police
units from Andover and Stockbridge were called to that location
and I also witnessed this (I had scanner in my car). The police
had to have submitted an official report to the MOD which then
was normal procedure. Where is that report also?

3. The very first line submitted in an official AAC report from
Crnl Edgecombe to the MOD about the set of crop circles at
Longstock in 1985 that they investigated from the air included
his questioning could this be caused by UFO..... I have a copy
of that document, given to me in confidence from Edgecombe
personally (he lived near me in Andover) and that too is missing
in the official release. Why and where is it?

4. I was present at a surveillance project with Nippon TV when
during early hours a bright light suddenly appeared to the east
of the location. One of the crew flashed a bright light towards
it and it flashed back and also increased brilliance. The crew
member flashed twice and three times and it repeated that
sequence. I called West Drayton ATC from the site and asked for
radar confirmation of aircraft in the area. I was told there
were none and only two aircraft were in British air space at
that moment. I asked if it possible for the two craft to
extinguish lights, not anticipating they would but to my
surprise both aircraft agreed to turn both internal and external
lights off for 20 seconds to eliminate them for certain. The UFO
remained flashing and pulsing for several more minutes. NIPPON
have the footage and I along with a dozen others are witness to
this. ATC job was to submit an official report about that
incident. Where is it?

By the way, this will be in my new book - On The Edge Of Reality
- to be published next month.

And that's just what I can vouch personally.

We know that what Clarke has said is BS. He is either extremely
gullible or has had the real material pulled away from him. If
the real documents were already withdrawn before he was given
access, which I believe is what Nick Pope is suggesting, then
Clarke is at least being truthful as far as what he has seen is
concerned. If what he saw was the bullshit then he could only
conclude it as such.

A well organized UFO research group should start a project to
pull these reports together and publish them and ask the MOD to
give an explanation, Clarke too should be asked about these
reports. They have my four to start with.

Colin Andrews

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