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Re: Physiological & Psychological Effects Of

From: Gerald O'Connell <goc.nul>
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 15:35:49 +0100
Archived: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 11:02:08 -0400
Subject: Re: Physiological & Psychological Effects Of

>From: Joe McGonagle <joe.mcgonagle.nul>
>To: post.nul
>Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 06:55:26 +0100
>Subject: Physiological & Psychological Effects Of Adrenaline

>I was doing some on-line research to try and account for some of
>the effects of Adrenaline which might have relevance to ufo
>reports, and came across the following:



>"Dr. Alexis Artwohl, the author of Deadly Force Encounters
>listed the following statistics for Police Officers who were
>involved in situations where deadly force was used:

>84% experienced diminished sound (auditory exclusion)

>79% experienced tunnel vision (peripheral narrowing)

>74% experienced =84automatic pilot=89 with little or no conscious

>71% experienced visual clarity

>62% experienced slow motion time

>52% experienced memory loss for part of the event

>46% experienced memory loss for some of their own behavior

>39% experienced dissociation; sense of detachment or unreality

>26% experienced intrusive distracting thoughts

>21% experienced saw, heard, or experienced memory distortion

>17% experienced fast motion time

>07% experienced temporary paralysis

>Do you think this sort of information has a place in a civilian
>self-defense class? If you answer =84no=89, I am sorry, but I must
>disagree with you.

>Granted, these are trained police officers, and as such, they
>are going to react differently from most people. After all, they
>run toward the sound of gunfire, where most rational humans
>would run away."

>I have my doubts that all of the symptoms were directly related
>to Adrenaline. Bearing in mind that Dr. Artwohl obtained her
>information from police officers who had been involved in
>incidents which involved deadly force, I suspect that the
>diminished hearing might be due to the sound of a gun being
>fired nearby, and the tunnel vision possibly caused by muzzle
>flash in relative darkness. at:


>I found a claim that "sharpened hearing" is a feature of
>increased Adrenaline flow.

>Many of the other features have a lot in common with what Jenny
>Randles dubbed "The Oz factor" in relation to UFO or other
>paranormal reports. I think there is a strong argument to be
>made that these features are simply caused by fear or excitement
>generating a surge in Adrenaline.

>I have little doubt that these perfectly natural and involuntary
>responses influence many witnesses' accounts of what they saw in
>UFO reports.

The problem with this hypothesis is that of unravelling cause
and effect.

For example, it may equally be the case that  "many witnesses'
accounts of what they saw in UFO reports" influence "these
perfectly natural and involuntary responses". In other words,
the witnesses saw something extraordinary that engendered states
of fear and anxiety which, in turn,  generated a surge in
adrenalin leading to psychotropic effects.

Before arriving at any conclusions (and certainly before
arriving at a state of 'doubt' or otherwise) in relation to 'Oz
Factor' reports, it would be prudent to analyse such incidents
and categorise them rigorously according to the order in which
events occurred.

If "what they saw" preceded the altered mental state, then the
hypothesis tells us nothing about the objective reality
underlying the report, and merely represents an interesting view
on the way in which anomalous experiences can influence
psychological states.

If the altered mental state preceded "what they saw" then we
need to dig much deeper into the psychological history of the
individuals concerned in order to get a handle on what is going
on. We would need, inter alia, to:

1. Separate out individuals who have been prone to anxiety
states and attempt to discern the degree to which the reported
occurrence coincides with or diverges from other episodes.

2. Ask, in some detail, what might have been the trigger, if
any, for an anxiety state in those not prone to such episodes.

In any case, if  the altered mental state preceded "what they
saw", we are still no closer to deciding whether or not there
was an external trigger for the altered mental state, or whether
that external trigger was related to an external objective cause
connected with "what they saw".

If the altered mental state was simultaneously synchronised with
"what they saw", then we are unable to unravel cause and effect,
and drawing any conclusions at all in terms of cause and effect
is going to be extremely difficult. In such instances 'doubt' is
the only reasonable response.

Gerald O'Connell

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