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Re: Physiological & Psychological Effects Of

From: Don Ledger <dledger.nul>
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 15:29:00 -0300
Archived: Sun, 28 Jul 2013 18:49:45 -0400
Subject: Re: Physiological & Psychological Effects Of

>I was doing some on-line research to try and account for some of
>the effects of Adrenaline which might have relevance to ufo
>reports, and came across the following:



>"Dr. Alexis Artwohl, the author of Deadly Force Encounters
>listed the following statistics for Police Officers who were
>involved in situations where deadly force was used:

>84% experienced diminished sound (auditory exclusion)

>79% experienced tunnel vision (peripheral narrowing)

>74% experienced =84automatic pilot=89 with little or no conscious

>71% experienced visual clarity

>62% experienced slow motion time

>52% experienced memory loss for part of the event

>46% experienced memory loss for some of their own behavior

>39% experienced dissociation; sense of detachment or unreality

>26% experienced intrusive distracting thoughts

>21% experienced saw, heard, or experienced memory distortion

>17% experienced fast motion time

>07% experienced temporary paralysis

>Do you think this sort of information has a place in a civilian
>self-defense class? If you answer =84no=89, I am sorry, but I must
>disagree with you.

>Granted, these are trained police officers, and as such, they
>are going to react differently from most people. After all, they
>run toward the sound of gunfire, where most rational humans
>would run away."

>I have my doubts that all of the symptoms were directly related
>to Adrenaline. Bearing in mind that Dr. Artwohl obtained her
>information from police officers who had been involved in
>incidents which involved deadly force, I suspect that the
>diminished hearing might be due to the sound of a gun being
>fired nearby, and the tunnel vision possibly caused by muzzle
>flash in relative darkness. at:


>I found a claim that "sharpened hearing" is a feature of
>increased Adrenaline flow.

>Many of the other features have a lot in common with what Jenny
>Randles dubbed "The Oz factor" in relation to UFO or other
>paranormal reports. I think there is a strong argument to be
>made that these features are simply caused by fear or excitement
>generating a surge in Adrenaline.

>I have little doubt that these perfectly natural and involuntary
>responses influence many witnesses' accounts of what they saw in
>UFO reports.

Hi Joe,

I've had this experience on a few occasions; once while watching
two train engines collide in a Terminal Yard, another when my
spur kicked out while atop power pole, and about 15 years ago
when my Cessna engine failed. Time slowed to a crawl, it seemed.
But in all three cases there was reason for fear. The first,
there would be an explosion, I was 30 feet away, the second I
was sliding at speed down a 50 foot pole from the top and early
instruction had informed us this usually ended in a broken back,
the third; airplane engine failure over forest; see YouTube for
various results.

But these were sharply focused and obviously fear inducing
events. I've had a couple of good UFO sightings (actually maybe
three) but in each case there was nothing to induce fear. It was
more like a "What the ****." event. In most cases similar to
mine where the witness is caught off guard there is no fear,
more in the nature of wonderment, I should think.

The only cases I have investigated over the years where there
was induced fear have been during Close Encounters, e.g. UFO
right over the top of a vehicle and chasing/following it
(Maritime UFO Files) or during the abduction scenario.

I would suggest that though you have a case in some respects,
the percentages would be low where the effects you mentioned
would be a factor.

Don Ledger

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