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The Scientific Study Of UFOs

From: Terry W. Colvin <fortean1.nul>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2013 16:09:16 +0700 (GMT+07:00)
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Subject: The Scientific Study Of UFOs

This is an extract of my college term paper:

Hostile Skeptics and True Believers - A Fortean Approach
Terry W. Colvin
Western International University
CAP 485 Integrated Capstone
Professor -- Dr. Loyd Ray Ganey Jr. April 29, 2004

I now have a BA in Behavioral Science.



The Scientific Study Of UFOs

Careful reading of the full report reveals that 25-33 percent of
the reports remained unsolved. Condon's personal views and his
laissez-faire oversight contributed to the personality
conflicts, hypocrisy, and incompetence of the work and to the
overall negative tone of the report's executive summary
(conclusion). Media reviewers read only the conclusion and
scanned the numerous technical chapters thereby contributing
to downplaying any need for further study. Case studies and a
brief history of UFOs lead to the "scientific context" chapters,
e.g. perception and reporting, optics, radar, sonic boom,
atmospheric electricity and plasma, and balloons. Twenty-four
appendices give the flavor of U.S. government handling of UFO
reports from the late 1940s through the late 1960s. Critics such
as Dr. J. Allen Hynek, USAF con- sultant on Project Blue Book,
and Dr. James E. McDonald, a University of Arizona atmospheric
physicist, stated the Condon Report was a setup to rid the USAF
of its public relations nightmare and that some allegedly
explained cases were actually unknowns, respectively. See web


for the complete study on-line (Condon, 1969). "The 1968
Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects is presented
complete with graphics, equations and photographs. This was the
final report of a US Air Force-funded university study per-
formed by Edward U. Condon et al. It is sometimes called
"Project Blue Book", named after the Air Force structure for
handling UFO reports prior to 1966." [Published review of Terry
W. Colvin in Fortean Times] The U.S. Air Force beat a hasty
retreat out of the official UFO business following an
independent evaluation of its work by the University of
Colorado. Headed by physicist Edward Condon, the two-year
Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects drew three

1) UFOs didn't represent a technology beyond the 1969 level of

2) they didn't threaten national security; and

3) continued study of the phenomenon probably wouldn't
contribute anything to modern science (Condon, 1969).

Statement by Dr. McDonald: "The Condon Report, released in
January, 1968, after about two years of Air Force-supported
study is, in my opinion, quite inadequate. The sheer bulk of the
Report, and the inclusion of much that can only be viewed as
"scientific padding", cannot conceal from anyone who studies it
closely the salient point that it represents an examination of
only a tiny fraction of the most puzzling UFO reports of the
past two decades, and that its level of scientific argumentation
is wholly unsatisfactory. Further- more, of the roughly 90 cases
that it specifically confronts, over 30 are conceded to be
unexplained. With so large a fraction of unexplained cases (out
of a sample that is by no means limited only to the truly
puzzling cases, but includes an objectionably large number of
obviously trivial cases), it is far from clear how Dr. Condon
felt justified in concluding that the study indicated "that
further extensive study of UFOs probably cannot be justified in
the expectation that science will be advanced thereby (Condon,

Terry W. Colvin
Ladphrao (Bangkok), Thailand
Pran Buri (Hua Hin), Thailand
[Terry's Fortean & "Work" itty-bitty site]

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