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Re: Washington Post Changes UFO 'Objectivity'?

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Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2013 20:32:53 -0400
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Subject: Re: Washington Post Changes UFO 'Objectivity'?

Source: Frank Warren's UFO Chronicles


Mon, 18 Mar 2013


Archie19549:57 PM

The parties directly involved and prohibited from telling about
it, such as Hastings, may not codemn the US government agencies
withthe knowledge for not releasing it to the public but any
right thinking civilian would, and I certainly do condemn the
whole lot of them. There is nothing worse than being lied to
repeatedly by your own government. It is dangerous for democray
and derails any possibility of reconciling government and its


Robert Hastings10:51 AM
Hi archie1954,

I broke my arm last week so I am typing with one finger.

First, i am not a "party" to anyone or any group and i am not
"prohibited" from speaking about anything. go to my website and
view cnn's coverage of my press conference if you doubt that.
i'm sure that the pentagon views me as a real pain in the ass,
because i am not afraid to speak my mind and because i have been
so successful in getting usaf veterans to go public with their
ufo experiences at nuke sites.

I have publicly pushed for disclosure-specifically regarding
ufos' monitoring and tampering with american and russian nuclear
weapons-since 1981, while on the u.s. college lecture circuit,
years before the big-name disclosure advocates one hears about
nowadays ever raised their voices.

My point about "not condemning" the government for their
longstanding censorship on the ufo reality merely acknowledges
the fact that they have legitimate concerns about possible
public panic-worldwide and related concerns, should they come
clean with us.

Are some of the U.S. government's actions self-serving? you
betcha. so what's new? all governments cover their asses,
relating to all manner of situations, on a regular basis. that
will never change.

My point is that, as regards the announcement about the reality
of UFOS, the stakes are so high-unparalleled in human history-
that washington, moscow, and other key players must proceed with
some degree of caution before making the Big Announcement, and
any mature, thoughtful person understands that.

That is not to say, however, that each of us should just sit
back and wait. no, each of us should continue to raise our
voices, and prod the powers-that-be to be candid with us. but
persons who outright *condemn* those in government who are
concerned about unforeseen and potentially disastrous
consequences associated with disclosure are being unfair and
naive, IMO.

[Thanks to Robert Hastings for the lead]

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