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Essential DNA-Precursors Detected In Space

From: Stig Agermose <stig.agermose.nul>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 23:33:25 -0700 (PDT)
Archived: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 06:02:52 -0400
Subject: Essential DNA-Precursors Detected In Space

Source: The John Hopkins News-Letter


March 14th, 2013

Organic Molecule Detected In Space
By Tony Wu

For many years, scientists have speculated when and where life
originated on Earth. Diverse theories range from cosmic
deliveries of organic compounds to local synthesis of amino
acids in the Primordial Soup of a young Earth. Some theories
settle with a compromise between the two. The most popular idea
suggests an Earth bombarded by comets and asteroids which
brought building blocks of life onto the planet. This notion
hinges on one important premise: that there are organic
compounds in outer space.

As telescope technologies have vastly diversified since
Galileo's age, we have come to analyze specific wavelengths of
light that characterize the various phenomena of space, like
supernovas and solar activities. Recently, scientists have
developed a technique to analyze new type of data; namely, the
chemical composition of space to detect organic molecules. The
astrochemists - the combined profession of an astronomer and a
chemist - uses radio frequencies to classify various molecules,
which inherently have different atomic compositions and
structures which alter radio waves that reach the telescope.

Astronomers turned their focus to one of the giant gas clouds
near the center of the galaxy to analyze the identities of
molecules that compose it. By analyzing the radio frequencies
gathered by the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia,
astrochemists determined that a molecule called cyanomethanimine
is present in the cloud of gases.

Anthony Remijan, a researcher at the National Radio Astronomy
Observatory, explained that cyanomethanimine is a precursor of
adenin, one of the four building blocks of DNA. Scientists
believe that the detection of cyanomethanimine encourages the
theory that there are organic compounds in space. In addition to
cyanomethanimine, scientists also found a compound called
ethanamine which is a key component in the formation of alanine,
an amino acid that is crucial in genetic coding.

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