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'Alien Communication: A Plausible Telepathic Mode'

From: J. Maynard Gelinas <j.maynard.gelinas.nul>
Date: Mon, 13 May 2013 16:35:55 +0800
Archived: Mon, 13 May 2013 06:12:12 -0400
Subject: 'Alien Communication: A Plausible Telepathic Mode'

Here is an interesting paper I found on WebMedCentral while
conducting searches. Titled Alien Communication: A Plausible
Telepathic Mode, by Dr. Harinder Jaseja and Ms. Bhanu Jaseja.
He appears to be a physician from India.


The author first points to known brain temporal lobe effects by
epilepsy and magnetic cranial stimulation to cause visual /
auditory hallucinations and religious or spiritual experiences.
But rather than drawing the typical conclusion that Occam's
Razor would thus suggest UFO and alien communication experiences
are thus hallucinatory, he instead draws a nexus to directed EM
by alien intelligences as an alternate explanation. It it built
upon five primary points within a logic chain, the most
interesting being the last, which I'll excerpt. But the entire
paper is worth a read, if only because it somehow got published
and then indexed as peer reviewed literature.

"5. Postulated temporal lobe mediated telepathic mode in alien

The role of TL in language and speech is well recognized and
documented. TL is important for language (linguistic) functions
also and linguistic deficits have been observed in some patients
with chronic mesial TLE [16]. Speech disturbances have been
reported earlier also by Blumer and Benson in TLE [17].

Telepathy is the direct transfer of thoughts amongst humans
without the involvement of normal sensory modes of transfer. It
is a recognized mode of communication, although, not widely
trusted upon; hence, the fluency, potential and efficiency of
this mode of communication is not subjected to development as
other conventional modes of communication like speech, body
language etc; hence, it may be viewed as an extrasensory or
paranormal ability.

It is suggested that EM field(s) can alter paranormal abilities
[18], possibly telepathy also; therefore, telepathy may be
related to EM field implying that the medium of telepathy could
be EM radiation. In an earlier article [19] also, it has been
suggested how telepathy may be mediated via EM fields.

The temporal lobes are believed to be quite sensitive to
extremely low magnetic frequencies [20] and geomagnetic activity
interaction with TL neuronal activity has been found to result
in paranormal experiences similar to mystic experiences observed
during electrical stimulation of the temporal lobes (as
mentioned earlier in section 3). Further, it has been
demonstrated that EM fields can trigger hallucinations and even
temporal lobe microseizures [21-22].

Damage of temporal lobe(s) results in a large number of signs
and symptoms, several of which show striking similarity to that
reported by people who claim encounters with alien(s) [23].

Most subjects who claim to have experienced alien encounters
and/or encounters have been found to suffer electrical
disruption in the brain including TL and similar "flashbacks"
throughout life; the flashbacks could be due to ongoing or
periodic bombardment of EM radiation pulses on human brain, the
possibility of which needs to be borne in mind especially in
view of studies on subjects exposed to external EM radiation who
report experiences very similar to standard abductions. (ref )

This raises a fairly logical question of possible and potential
ability in aliens to utilize EM radiation as a mode of
telecommunication or at least a valid reason to explore the

Is it likely or possible that EM radiation may be sensed,
analyzed and interpreted by some technological advancement
attained by the aliens? And also to determine the nature and
sources of EM radiation differentially? This feature needs to be
delved into for the purpose of exploring the reasons of failure
at communication with aliens till to date, as it could have
repelled them from communicating with us or kept them
hidden/unrevealed from us.

Another aspect that warrants an insightful study is the
possibility that aliens might also have mastered the art of
telepathy that may be involved in alien encounters and so-called

Further, do alien encounters actually depict alien communication
with the victims through distant or remote telepathy or
stimulation of the victims’ temporal lobes as the stimulation of
latter is known to result in "experiential illusions" that may
be perceived by the victims as "alien encounters" or
"abductions". A remote but valid possibility."

Jaseja later concludes, wondering if, "...a telepathically
induced epidemic of mentally deranged mass population (an alien
telepathic-war), a serious and grave but hopefully imaginary
threat that cannot be ignored altogether."



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