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Re: The Momentum Question - Cox

From: David Rudiak <drudiak.nul>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 14:16:47 -0700
Archived: Thu, 16 May 2013 11:00:05 -0400
Subject: Re: The Momentum Question - Cox

>From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
>To: <post.nul>
>Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 04:08:55 +0100
>Subject: Re: The Momentum Question - Cox

>>Source: Billy Cox's Blog De Void


>>Friday, May 10, 2013

>>The Momentum Question
>>by Billy Cox


>>"That turned out to be a big bust. I've got a master's degree in
>>engineering and I couldn't understand what Greer and (Dr. Tom)
>>Valone were trying to say about how UFOs needed an inertial
>>shield to make those 90-degree turns," Salas said. "It sounded
>>like a lot of malarkey."

>By his heading think Billy Cox knows a little more of physical
>reality than Robert Salas appeared to in that quote.

>Say you're driving along at one hundred miles per hour on a
>straight road, passing cross-roads every now and then.

>You suddenly decide that your car is magic and can make a 90
>degree turn right at the next crossroad.

>Think about it: that means your car has to go from 100 mph to
>ZERO mph/ turn right and get to 100 mph - ALL IN ONE INSTANT.

>Now think about your body: it will hit the windscreen/steering
>column/fascia at 100 miles per hour and then hit the left-hand
>side of the compartment (door and surrounds) _again_ at 100 miles
>per hour - _all_ in _one_ instant.

"All in one instant" is a bit sloppy since an "instant" could be
0 seconds to make the turn, in which case the inertial forces
would be infinite. Also a "90 degree turn" is also a little
sloppy, since it implies a sharp square corner--again infinite

More likely the "90 degree turn" is happening quickly with a
short tight arc of finite radius, which from a distance may
appear to be a square right angle, and with the limitations of
the nervous system to see quick changes, may appear to be

E.g., let's say the UFO is doing 100 meters/sec (224 mph) and
makes a tight turn in a circular arc only 10 meters in radius.
The centripetal acceleration is v^2/r = (100m/s)^2/10 m =~ 1000
m/s^2 or about 100g, or 100 times earth's gravitational
acceleration. The length of the arc along the quarter turn is
PI/2*r =~15.7m, or it takes 157 msec to make the 90 degree turn
to a new heading. That's still very quick and very tight to the
human eye, but not "instantaneous" or a true sharp 90 degrees.

100 g's is not infinite but is still more than human passengers
can tolerate, so yes, you would need some way of reducing the
inertial acceleration to more tolerable levels (assuming the
UFOs have actual biological passengers similar to us).

>That's inertia (momentum).

>BTW - the term 'inertial shield' wasn't invented by Greer or

Back in 1999 here on Updates I proposed a magnetic "inertial
dampener" that would in principle cancel most of the inertial
forces of linear or circular acceleration:




No new magical antigravity field is needed. Instead this makes
use of the very conventional principle of diamagnetism, wherein
all materials exhibit a repulsive force when placed in a
magnetic field, which goes up at about the square of the field.
It is only when you get to very large magnetic fields that the
repulsive force becomes appreciable. Some physicists were
floating frogs, water blobs, and goldfish in the fields of small
laboratory superconducting magnets, but scaled up to human size,
the same could be done with humans, and with fields 10 times as
great, could produce 100 g's of protective inertial dampening,
in theory at least. Superconducting magnets this large in size
and field strength currently do not exist.

So _in principle_ it could be done using presently known
physical law.

There are other ways that in principle could protect against
large inertial forces, but would require new physics to be true.
E.g., the classic UFO inertial shield (as proposed by various
people such as Hermann Oberth and Paul Hill) would require some
sort of antigravity or repulsive equivalent of gravity. The
existence of a new particle that would exhibit such properties
is predicted as part of Heim-Droescher-Hauser "theory of
everything", purportedly requiring magnetic fields several times
larger than present for the new physics to emerge:


The recently postulated "negative energy" pushing the universe
apart, if it exists, would be an example of such an antigravity
force operating on the grand scale.

Physicist Gary Wade has another theory about how UFOs might do
it, in part based on his own close-encounter experiences with
UFOs in which he experienced time alternation. Wade conjectures
that UFOs are able to manipulate time with strong magnetic
fields, or the time they experience within the field of time
manipulation is different from our frame of reference looking at

E.g., suppose that 1 second to us is 100 seconds to them inside
the time-change field. To them and their craft, that
"instantaneous" right angle turn is stretched out over a time
space 100 times longer than we think, reducing inertial forces a
corresponding 100 times.

This could also account for traveling at supersonic speeds
without generating a sonic boom. As air molecules in front of
the craft wade into the time-change field, they are slowed down
in time and become subsonic in speed relative to the leading
edge of the craft--ergo, no sonic shock wave.

Wade further conjectures that the time change is caused by
intense opposing superconducting magnets, and the effect goes up
as the square of the field. This is, at least, a testable
theory, so it can be falsified or proven one way or the other.
But you would need a lot of money and really big magnets to test
it properly.

I just watched Wade's lecture yesterday on YouTube on UFO
physics. I don't know if he is right, but it is thought-
provoking out-of-the-box thinking on how UFOs might work and get


Interestingly, this came up the other day on Updates in the
discussion of Boyd Bushman and his claim that he clamped two
strong magnets together with opposing fields and that it fell
from a tower slightly slower than a non-magnetic rock dropped at
the same time (the old Isaac Newton experiment).

Bushman claimed it was altering the gravitation field slightly
with the magnets. Wade would say you are altering time slightly
doing the same thing, which might also explain the difference in
fall rates, if true.

Yes, I'm skeptical too, but a least this would be one experiment
that wouldn't be all that expensive to replicate. It would seem
to me you could also do the experiment by putting a very
sensitive clock (like an atomic clock) between two intense
magnetic fields to see if the clock was sped up or slowed down
at all.

The time change theory would also bear on what Canadian
engineer/Ufologist Wilbert Smith was saying back in the 50's,
that the aliens were communicating to him that time wasn't a
dimension, as in relativity theory, but another field that could
be manipulated, like we can manipulate electro-magnetic fields.

Well, I don't know. But I thought it would be interesting
putting these various "whacky" ideas out there for everybody's

David Rudiak

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