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For Those Asking For Basics On Inertia

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 16:51:09 +0100
Archived: Fri, 17 May 2013 07:28:41 -0400
Subject: For Those Asking For Basics On Inertia

For those folk who've been asking for a run-down on inertia.

Humans thought that various observed physical effects were
caused by different 'forces', each having its own physical
domain. Some folk - who began to call themselves 'scientists' -
collected many records of those various effects in order to
quantify them, even progressing to finding arrangements of
mathematics which fitted - or appeared to fit - the actions of
those effects. These were rather boastfully called 'Laws of
Nature', or separately referred to as 'Laws' of each domain
known to the scientists; which were gravitational, electrical,
magnetic, and nuclear (which became subdivided into STRONG and
WEAK nuclear forces).

Eventually scientists realized that when they created an
electrical field they also made a magnetiC field, so they
combined the two into the electromagnetic force or domain.

And then they also realized that the nuclear forces weren't
quite independent - the weak nuclear force at least was
influenced by electromagnetic fields. so that too was
incorporated in the electromagnetic domain.

Which gives us two huge domains: gravitational and
electromagnetic (with the strong nuclear force [interaction] as
an orphan or outsider).

If we delve down into the accumulated 'science' of the
gravitational domain, we find that it all rests on the behaviour
of a piece of matter in a gravitational field of another larger
piece of matter. The acceleration is directly proportional to
the volume/density of the larger piece of matter - so that
volume/density was called gravitational mass.

And, delving down into the accumulated 'science' of the
electromagnetic domain, we find that it all rests on the
behaviour of a piece of charged matter in an electromagnetic
field. The direction of the behaviour is determined by the
polarity of the charge(s), but the acceleration is inversely
proportional to the volume/density of the charged piece of
matter; i.e a larger/denser piece of matter (with identical
charge) is that much more reluctant to move - so its volume/
density was called INERTIAL MASS.

Weirdly, for the scientists - who could see no connection
between the two defined masses, the gravitational mass turned
out to be the same as the inertial mass - to the limits of
measurement accuracy at least.

[Both gravitational and electromagnetic effects are inversely
proportional to the square of the distance between particles
involved - often called the 'inverse square rule'; but it's
easily illustrated by candlelight illuminating a sheet of paper
at a distance of one yard; when the paper is moved out to two
yards it only receives one quarter of the light, in other words
you'll need four sheets of paper at two yards to collect the
same light as one sheet at one yard. All directly 'radiated'
effects follow that rule.] - Here's scientists' comments about
the mystery of inertia and of gravitational vs. inertial mass:

"The notion of mass as gravitational charge is perhaps the best
"theoretical" notion of mass we have. Note that this idea of
mass is qualitatively different from the idea of "inertial
mass": that quantity which makes it difficult to change the
velocity of an object. That these two quantities, gravitational
charge and inertial mass, are equal, is another of the
fundamental mysteries of physics." - www.rwc.uc.edu

"This experience - of the equal falling of all bodies in the
gravitational field - is one of the most universal which the
observation of nature has yielded; but in spite of that the law
has not found any place in the foundations of our edifice of the
physical universe." A Einstein, writing in Annalen der
Physik,35. (Yup, same problem: inertial mass identical to
gravitational mass - Ray)

"It is a curious and still not fully understood phenomenon that
the inertial mass and the gravitational mass are always exactly
the same." John Gribbin in Companion to the Cosmos 1996 ISBN 0-


"The reason why things coast for ever has never been found out.
The law of inertia has no known origin" Richard P Feynman in The
Character of Physical Law (1965) 1992 ISBN 0-14-017505-9.
B.K.R's assessment of our 'scientists' understanding of gravity
and e.m.r:

"We can describe what happens quite accurately and we think we
understand. But really we do not. The invisible influences of
gravitation and electromagnetic fields remain magic; describable,
but nevertheless implacable, non-human, alien, magic."

and of the ongoing inquiry into the mystery of inertia:

"If acceleration is relative rather than absolute, then the
inertial mass of a body is a measure of the force exerted by the
rest of the universe when you push the body. .... [that is] to be
contrasted with the search for for the origin of inertial mass
pursued through quantum field theory. ... [to] push our concepts
of microscopic matter down to infinitesimally tiny dimensions in
order to calculate the self-energy, and hence inertial mass, of
elementary particles."

                 --Prof. B.K Ridley - in 'Time, Space & Things'

N.b. - While I believe the eminent Professor is - as always -
right and truthful in his description of the current scientific
opinion and state-of-art, I also believe there's at least one
more likely frame: in this scenario acceleration _is_ absolute
(inc. the acceleration intrinsic in rotation or spin) yet the
inertia of any mass (of hadronic matter like we're made of) lies
in its interactions with the surrounding "energy-field" of the
universe (it's a sort of dynamic radial force-field with an
effectively instantaneous [hence multiples of c^2 in
calculations] 'speed', acting both inwards and outwards [hence
the ubiquitous 'root -1' in all calculations].


Ray D

PS - assembled a bit slapdash, so any corrections would be

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