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Robert Salas And Me - Randle

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Subject: Robert Salas And Me - Randle

Source: Kevin Randle's A Different Perspective Blog


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Robert Salas And Me

While in Roswell a couple of years ago, I shared, briefly, a
table with Robert Salas of Malmstrom missile fame. He was a
little more serious about selling his book than I was in selling
mine and at one point he snapped at me for joking with the UFO
museum patrons. I hadn=92t spoken to him since that time in
Roswell. I mention this for the context it will provide for some
later comments here.

At the recent Citizen Hearing I saw him again. At the Sunday
evening dinner for those who were participating in some fashion=85
that is, the former members of Congress, the witnesses which
included researchers, and those volunteers who helped Steve
Bassett to organize the Hearing, I made my way up front to speak
with Bassett. On my way back I passed the table where Salas sat.
He looked up at me and I said, =93You can say, =91hello,=92=94 which, of
course he did.

The next day, we ended up on the bus arranged to transport
everyone from the hotel to the National Press Club and back. We
were the only two on it, and we spoke again, briefly. I asked
him a couple of questions about what had happened at Oscar
Flight in 1967.

I have said it before and I=92ll say it again. If Salas was alone
in his claims, then we could reject them simply because you=92d
expect others to have had similar experiences. Of course, there
was a series of UFO sightings near Belt, Montana on the day that
Salas claimed the UFO caused the missiles of Oscar Flight to =93go
off-line.=94 And, there were the documented events of Echo Flight
which had happened just days before when all ten of their
missiles did the same thing. In other words, Salas was not
alone, and the other man in the capsule with him at the time,
Fred Meiwald, confirmed the event.

There was a minor discrepancy. Salas said all the missiles had
gone off line but his boss, Meiwald said only four or five. In
the original information, Salas, according to what he said to
me, =93Split the different and I said eight.=94 He now has said all
ten were involved.

Meiwald, interviewed by others including Robert Hastings for
UFOs and Nukes, confirmed what Salas had said. The missiles had
gone off-line, in essence failed. Combined with the
documentation about Echo Flight, the words of Salas took on
added weight. In fact, Salas appeared in Washington, D.C. with
two other officers who had been assigned to missile flights at
other military bases who had experiences with UFOs. In other
words, there are a number of reports of this sort and contrary
to what the Condon Committee said this was a matter of national

I suppose I could point out here that all said they had been
required, at the time, to sign nondisclosure agreements. They
wouldn=92t reveal what they knew and would not talk to others at
their bases about this. It was a way to keep the information
from spreading among the missile crews.

At any rate, we chatted on the short ride from the National
Press Club to the hotel. Salas gave me a little more information
and a slight preview of what he would say the next afternoon in
front of the committee. I was there to watch, listened to Salas
as he reported what he had seen, heard and done, and then
listened to two other officers say some of the same things. UFOs
had penetrated the missile sites and shut down the missile
guidance systems. If an outside source could do that, it was a
matter of national security.

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