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Re: "Super Soldier" Abduction Research

From: David Chace <davidwchace.nul>
Date: Tue, 21 May 2013 00:18:22 -0700
Archived: Tue, 21 May 2013 08:31:06 -0400
Subject: Re: "Super Soldier" Abduction Research

>From: Eleanor White <ewraven1.nul>
>To: post.nul
>Date: Sat, 18 May 2013 16:30:28 -0400
>Subject: "Super Soldier" Abduction Research Facilitators?

>I'd be interested in hearing UpDates members' opinions on three
>abduction researchers:


>By 'opinions,' I mean, are these folks respected members of the
>UFO research community?

These three people are respected by me, as members of the UFO
research community. Each of them has his/her own focus and role
within the field. I can offer you my subjective impressions.
With any researcher in the UFO field, I generally have areas of
both agreement and disagreement, around issues of
perspective/belief and approach to the phenomenon. Of course,
the "UFO phenomenon" is much larger than just the issue of
unidentified craft in the skies. The UFO community includes many
different subcultures, and many different theories about what's
going on, what's important, and how best to deal with

I know of Miles Johnston only through his YouTube videos and
work with AMMACH. His information is worth listening to, and can
sometimes provide helpful insights for experiencers and

Miesha Johnston (pronounced Mee-sha) is an incredibly loving,
dedicated facilitator of experiencer support groups for
abductees, starseeds and MILAB experiencers, both online through
ooVoo and in person in the Las Vegas area. I have spent many
hours with Miesha in her online groups, and I have great
admiration and respect for her. She is sincere in her beliefs.
Miesha has been facilitating support groups since the early
nineties, but pulled out of the UFO field for several years
following the events of 2000 and 2001, which involved harassment
and intimidation by people who were opposed to the work Miesha
was doing with abductee and MILAB researcher Melinda Leslie. A
few years ago, Miesha returned to the UFO field and resumed her
role as a support group facilitator.

Miesha and Melinda experienced a joint MILAB in 2000 after
appearing together on the Art Bell show, back when they ran a
website on the subject of military abductions. They were taken
by van, probably to either Camp Pendleton or Miramar, based on
the distance from Miesha's apartment and estimated travel time.

Because this MILAB experience involved a reptilian, I became
interested, as I am an illustrator and alien encounter
researcher with a focus on determining what alien beings look
like. Reptilians are my favorite type of reported UFO occupant
because they just look cool. Miesha described the reptilian she
saw as a huge golden dragon-like biped, greater than 7 ft. tall
with spines on his jowls, red pupils and big sharp teeth.
Melinda described the one she saw as an earthy green lizard man
with black pupils, probably a few inches less than 7 ft. tall.
Both of these reptilians had a tail.

It is possible that there was just one reptilian involved in
this incident and that he disguised his appearance to make
himself look more frightening to Miesha, as she had already
encountered many of the "regular" greenish reptilians at that
point in her life, including a friendly being she knows as
Iyano. It was Melinda's first reptilian experience, though, so
perhaps it was assumed that a regular reptilian would be
intimidating enough. Hence the golden dragon-like form was not
used for Melinda. Reptilians are typically reported to be very
proud beings. One source told me that the golden color of the
one Miesha saw was adornment of his own doing, to glorify
himself. Memories of the details of this MILAB experience were
retrieved through hypnosis.

Physical evidence of their joint MILAB included a broken coffee
table that Melinda tripped over as she was being taken from the
apartment, and damage to the apartment door. There are
photographs of the damage to the door. I don't believe any
photos were taken of the coffee table. A gentleman living
downstairs is reported to have heard the noise when Melinda
tripped over the glass coffee table, and he thought it was a
book case falling over.

I know Joanne Summerscales, founder of AMMACH, primarily through
her YouTube videos, such as her interviews with contactee Simon
Parkes. I have also had limited interaction with her online. I
appreciate the work she is doing to support experiencers in the
UK and provide them with a place to share.

I have done my best to be as factually correct as possible in
the above statements. It is not likely I will have much more to
say on this through UFO Updates as the formatting is a hassle,
but I do appreciate the List and the dedication of the Updates

- David W. Chace

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