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Sarbacher's Hidden Message Or 'Learn Code'

From: Jason Gammon <boyinthemachine.nul>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 04:02:28 -0400 (EDT)
Archived: Fri, 31 May 2013 07:29:55 -0400
Subject: Sarbacher's Hidden Message Or 'Learn Code' 

Dr. Sarbacher's Hidden Message Or 'How To Learn The Code'

There are people in the know who have information on the
government's knowledge of UFOs and who desperately want to
communicate this knowledge but for various reasons simply can't
openly state things. To get around they they speak and even
write in a sort of code. The ease of understanding the code is
probably indicative of the quality of the information. For
example, when Kevin Randle asked Edwin Easley if they were on
the right path (Roswell crash being extraterrestrial), Easley
replied that he wasn't on the wrong path. That's and easy code
to understand and so the information communicated is not that

To give an example of a harder code to understand I would
suggest we look at Dr. Sarbacher's 1983 letter


Now, the information that I find of interest is on page 2, where
Sarbacher discusses the "aliens". There are three things that
stand out to me. These three things may indicate that Sarbacher
was speaking a code in hopes of communicating information that
he was not able to openly state. Those three things are;

1.) Sarbacher uses the term "instruments" to refer to the
occupants of the crashed UFO.

2.) Sarbacher puts aliens in quotes, "aliens", as if to imply
special significance.

3.) Sarbacher uses the term "constructed" instead of other terms
such as born, evolved, possess, etc.

So if Sarbacher was writing in code the translation of this
information would be thus:

"The occupants are manufactured, artificial beings. They were
created by something else which we do not currently know."

Going further, Sarbacher says that in talks with people he came
to the conclusion that the beings were similar to insects.
Sarbacher is also communicating something here as well. Now this
can be tricky. If Sarbacher is referencing insects then perhaps
he is communicating that the beings have an exoskeleton.
However, unless these beings were the "insectoids" or "mantises"
then abductees and witnesses do not generally report the beings
having an exoskeleton. In fact, most abductees report the flesh
of the beings as being soft, sometimes even squishy like
marshmallows. So this is a stumper for sure. The only suggestion
I can make is perhaps Sarbacher is using the word insect because
he can't use a more proper word to describe the beings, such as
robots, machines, or of what we would call a cyborg. So perhaps
it's possible that Sarbacher wasn't able to use these terms
openly and picked another word instead. Or perhaps the beings
did have an exoskeleton.

Now some researchers are already aware of the code, even if they
didn't consciously acknowledge it before. For those researchers
for whom the code is something brand new, I do challenge you to
go back through transcripts of interviews and see if you can
find information that perhaps the person was trying to
communicate. I would suggest someone start with Dr. Eric Walker.
I don't have access to any transcripts of his conversations but
if Sarbacher is speaking in a code then there's a good chance
Walker did as well.

-Jason Gammon

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