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Re: Kathleen Marden On Coast To Coast

From: Kathleen Marde <Kmarden.nul>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 09:42:26 -0400 (EDT)
Archived: Fri, 31 May 2013 10:14:22 -0400
Subject: Re: Kathleen Marden On Coast To Coast

>From: Jason Gammon <boyinthemachine.nul>
>To: post.nul
>Date: Thu, 30 May 2013 20:31:29 -0400 (EDT)
>Subject: Kathleen Marden On Coast To Coast

>On the Coast To Coast show on May 29, Kathleen Marden stated
>that there are certain characteristics with regard to alien
>abductions which are reported over and over again and which can
>not be understood or studied using Western science. Marden may
>not have realized it but she actually nailed her coffin closed
>with that segment.

>I really like Marden. I enjoy much of her material. I was not
>happy with her recent endeavors with the alien abduction
>phenomenon. She only included 50 alleged abductees and she
>rushed into writing a book in my opinion. I think Marden should
>have spent more time researching Hopkins, Mack, and Jacobs
>before trying her hand in the field. Case in point, Marden does
>not believe the visitors are 'evil' or mean us harm. She basis
>this on nothing other than had they wished too they could have
>already destroyed our planet. I've touched on this in the past.
>Our visitors would most likely view our planet, even humans, as
>resources to exploit. So why in the world would you go blowing
>it up?

>Another issue I have with Marden is her seeming lack of
>understanding of confabulation. Abductees lie. Abductees make up
>stories and add all kinds of details to their narratives. If
>Marden had perhaps studied under say David Jacobs she might have
>been able to distinguish gold from b.s. Unfortunately her
>sources are tainted because she appears to accept everything
>from abductees at face value. One thing I enjoyed about the
>program is Marden's discussion of the UFOs being cyborgs,
>containing biological components. I believe she was spot on
>about that. Now if she could only recognize the occupants are
>likewise cybernetic organisms, created by a "higher
>intelligence" as abductees put it, then she may just perhaps
>come around to my way of thinking, that perhaps the ultimate
>intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon is a machine-based

>I will end where I started this post. Marden was referencing
>telepathy, mind control, and warping of memory and perceptions
>by the visitors. By excluding these from science, by insisting
>that "Western science" can't comprehend such or that they can't
>be studied by science, she has unknowingly claimed that they are
>magic and supernatural, thus alien abductions are magic and part
>of the supernatural.

>Now, I hate to be rude so let me strive to be blunt. When this
>stuff, the reality of UFOs, is ever finally proven nobody is
>going to be racing to a Ufologist or UFO experts for their
>opinions. Why? Because the majority of you are cavemen, shamans
>in the desert, shaking rattles and invoking the Great Spirit.
>Your minds are lost in magic, trapped in the 'Star Trek'
>delusions. So the very people who dismissed the reality of the
>UFO phenomenon will be turned to, and rightfully so, as their
>minds are at least capable of comprehension. Their minds are
>rooted in science. So why most of the UFO crowd believes that
>telepathy is magic, a naturally evolved supernatural ability
>that can't be explained, scientists are going to correctly
>comprehend that it's technological and could possibly duplicate
>it. In fact, they already are working on technological telepathy
>at this very moment. I've even posted links to articles on it
>here in the past.

>So Kathleen Marden, please be aware that abductees will lie to
>you. They will freely mix nonsense and fantasy stories into
>their narratives. They are only human. As humans they suffer
>from the belief that the world revolves around them. So if they
>are abducted then they must be playing an important role, the
>giver of messages, warning humans to change their ways. Also
>know that just because the visitors haven't blown up our planet
>doesn't mean they are friendly. They way they tread humans
>pretty much proves they do not view humans as equals, and
>rightfully so. Finally, get back to science. Magic and mysticism
>is not the way. We don't need a new science. The problem is not
>"Western science". The problem is the human mind, which is
>seemingly incapable of perceiving beings that are aeons more
>advanced. Remember that quote by Arthur C. Clarke about advanced
>technology being mistaken for magic.

>-Jason Gammon

I think that you have misunderstood and misinterpreted my
statements. I am certainly well trained in psychology and the
propensity of humans to confabulate, especially when under
hypnosis.You are not giving me credit where credit is due. I
have discussed many of the more troubling aspects of ET science
and technology with theoretical physicists- those that we cannot
understand within the tenets of western scientific materialism.
Dr. John Mack faced the same dilemma. I'm not referring to magic
or mysticism. I'm speaking of repeating patterns witnessed and
reported by thousands and documented by Mack, Hopkins, Jacobs,
Smith, Hynek, Valee, etc. It was not easy for me to move from
nuts and bolts ufology to acknowledging these troubling aspects,
but when the evidence became overwhelming, I had to pull my head
out of the sand and acknowledge that they have indeed been
reported by thousands of individuals over a 52 year period.

With regard to the "Commonalities Among Abduction Experiencers
Study", I spent more than a year on this exhaustive project,
communicating with 54 experiencers (4 could not complete the
project), and a 25 person control group of sorts. There were
statistically significant commonalities on 23 of the 45 multiple choice
and fill in questions that were not present on a statistically
significant level among the non-experiencers. The second part of the
study as not yet been completed, because I haven't been able to
find the number of participants needed, even though it has been
widely publicized. It requires knowledge of ET technology observed
on the craft. Thus far, I've received only positive comments from
many highly educated individuals, including several PhDs and MDs.

Perhaps you didn't hear my opening remarks, but I stated that
"The Alien Abduction Files" is a departure from my usual nuts
and bolts investigative style. It is not a repeat of "Captured!
The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience", using more recent
cases. "The Alien Abduction Files" explores the hearts and minds
of several experiencers and gives the reader an understanding of
what it is like to live life as an experiencer. I discuss the
psychology, the sociology, the characteristics of hypnosis and
it's propensity toward confabulation, alternative hypotheses,
etc. This is not a book for the nuts and bolts ufologist, as the
emphasis is upon social science.

But I suppose that some people will criticize anyone who departs
from their own personal belief system. If I feared criticism, I
wouldn't have engaged in UFO and abduction research and
investigation at all. Feel free to disagree, but please don't
rush to criticize my work with only a cursory understanding of
it or because you don't like my topic.

Kathleen Marden

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