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Myth Or ETH Or Trickster?

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2013 03:52:17 -0000
Archived: Fri, 01 Nov 2013 09:22:07 -0400
Subject: Myth Or ETH Or Trickster?

Hello List,

Last night was watching a few snippets of You Tube presentations
& radio-chats on subjects like Lost Civilizations, Ancient
Technology etc, and then Ancient Astronauts etc., which left me
mixed-up. The overall impression of all the data was - like after
reading the entire contents of several newspapers - a bit

Later, reading myself to sleep, thoughts wandered to linked area
of legends, mythology and oral history - best covered (for me) by
Andrew Lang's 'Myth Ritual & Religion' and 'Hamlet's Mill: An
Essay on Myth and the Frame of Time' by Giorgio De Santillana &
Hertha von Dechend. They're both worth reading and available
free on-line - although you might have to search a bit for vol II
of 'Myth Ritual & Religion.

One might expect that whole area to be similarly 'incoherent' yet
it seems one can divide the content of myths & legends into two
very different types: firstly there's 'natural' weirdities like
giants, ogres, witches (male & female), plus those 'gods'
(pantheonic) which have human traits and can interbreed with
humans, and all sorts of animal freaks (unicorns & rocs); then
there's the 'super-natural' pre-pantheonic entities or forces
which have no human traits or weaknesses and are implacably alien
(although many traditions describe them as 'fearful').

Some examples of type I are the Greek and Roman pantheons of
'gods' and 'demi-gods', plus the creation myths of native peoples
around the world, including the West.

An example of type II might be the Green Man legend:


found in different societies around the world and often adopted
into (and revered by) later cultures and religions while
retaining an aura of cold and unknowable non-humanity.

That clear contrast, plus the videos I'd been watching, gave an
impetus (just before falling asleep) to make an examination of
the 'Alien Rulers hypotheses' (a la Charles Fort and many
others) with prospects of perhaps two solutions:

i) that all our myths and legends of gods, heroes (and hero-
animals) are based on human-type people and their doings in the
distant past - elaborated and amplified by the passage of time
(lost civilizations etc.) and by the relaying from culture to
culture (maybe exampled by inner-earth and ultra-terrestrial
theories to explain the UFO phenomenom, and/or by a Morlock/Eloi
split in the humanoid family - see:



ii) that, as Fort suggested, the Earth has been visited by
various (perhaps many) different 'alien' races with vastly
higher technological abilities than us, and that there's been
competition among them for 'ownership' of Earth (either of its
people and animal life or just of basic resources), and that one
of these groups now has domination - see:


Even so there's a further question or dichotomy:

Are the putative ETs organic (or robotic) or energy-pattern

That was partially addressed at:


- responses to Larry Hatch and Mary Chapman.

n.b. sites' updates have changed the quoted URLs into:




Maybe could be inclined, along with Vallee and Hynek
(apparently) to go along with the energy-pattern 'trickster'
hypothesis - it would certainly explain a great deal that at
present is unexplainable and a stumbling-block to Ufologists.
But if it's true then remember the caveat - that it "could be
affecting everybody - everywhere".


Ray D

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