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Investigation Of 2013's 2nd Brazilian Circle

From: A. J. Gevaerd - Revista UFO <a.j.nul>
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2013 11:08:00 -0200
Archived: Tue, 05 Nov 2013 09:21:25 -0400
Subject: Investigation Of 2013's 2nd Brazilian Circle

Ground inspection At The Second Brazilian Crop Circle In 2013,
In Ipaucu, Santa Catarina



is a new series of videos made by Brazilian UFO Magazine at the
second crop circle found on November, 2nd 2013 in Ipaucu, state
of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

The magazine's team was present at the location and documented
the fact in photos and videos on the same day as the occurrence.
The unedited video posted at the link above was made in order to
provide fast information. A better version will follow soon.
Search the other videos for developments of our inspection.

This second circle is 300 meters away from a road linking to the
city of Toldo Velho, 3 km away from Ipaucu. We noticed that this
design also sits on a 10 degree slope. Unfortunately, the owner
of the land had harvested some of the wheat between the morning
of November 2nd and 06:00 pm the same day, when we arrived at
the location. The harvesting has damaged the edges of the shape,
which also has 55 meter in diameter. This attempt to destroy the
circle actually provided us with interesting information about

See photos here:


This second circle is totally distinct from the first - see
related video in previous message. This is a ring of counter-
clockwise folded plants with a perfect hexagon at its center.
The hexagon is formed by corridors 2 meter wide. Inside both
figures there is an axis cutting through the whole image. Along
this internal axis there are three circles of folded plants. The
largest one is central and measures around 15 meters, the other
two present half this size.

It is believed that this shape was designed between 06:00 am and
07:00 am. This one also was somewhat disturbed when people
walked onto it.

Again we say that the intelligence behind this phenomenon wanted
it to be seen, since it displays beautifully when spotted from a
road nearby.

Thanks to translators Carlos Casalicchio and Eduardo Rado

A. J. Gevaerd
Brazilian UFO Magazine, editor

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