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Air Inspection Of Both 2013 Brazilian Crop Circles

From: A. J. Gevaerd - Revista UFO - <a.j.nul>
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2013 11:09:42 -0200
Archived: Wed, 06 Nov 2013 08:19:15 -0500
Subject: Air Inspection Of Both 2013 Brazilian Crop Circles

Air inspection of both Brazilian crop circles in 2013, in
Ipaucu, Santa Catarina

Watch video:


This is another series of videos made by Brazilian UFO Magazine.
This time, both crop circles found in the city of Ipaucu, state
of Santa Catarina, Brazil, on November, 2nd 2013 were filmed
from the air. These videos were made the day after the
occurrence. There was moderate to heavy rain when we flown a
helicopter kindly provided by our readers Denyse and Decio
Silva, from Jaragua do Sul, to whom we are extremely thankful.

Although the weather was foggy and we did not know how climate
would behave during that day in Ipaucu, investigations went on.
Toni Inajar Kurowski, a police forensic expert from the state of
Parana and a special consultant to Revista UFO, took accurate
measurements of both circles. He was accompanied by me and
journalism student Mirian Cruz, who was there to record a
documentary on the phenomena.

The Brazilian UFO Magazine team was at the circles location on
the 02nd and 03rd of November recording the impressive details
of both circles from the ground and the air, as already posted
in Youtube at that occasion. For the first time in Brazil, an
air-based investigation was conducted. This helicopter search
was extremely fruitful for it could give a crystal clear view of
the perfect symmetry displayed in both circles, as we suspected
since our ground research. Such symmetric pattern was later
confirmed by the measurements.

See photos here:


The complete investigation and its conclusions will be published
in our coming December issue of Revista UFO. The other videos
show the complexity of the phenomena. The first circle found is
a 13-lap spiral thoroughly produced in a 10-degree sloped wheat
plantation. The location is less than 600-800 meters away from
the center of Ipaucu, which makes it visible from the city. The
second circle is 300 meters away from a road linking to the city
of Toldo Velho, 3 km away from Ipaucu. This one displays a
geometrical complex containing rings, an hexagon, and spheres.

We believe that both 55-diameter circles were made in the
morning of November 02nd, between 06h00 am and 07h00 am.

In both cases, we state that the circles were made by
intelligences that want to call our attention, specially because
both are visible from easily reachable areas and also from the
city of Ipaucu itself.

Thanks to translators Carlos Casalicchio and Eduardo Rado

A. J. Gevaerd
Brazilian UFO Magazine, editor

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