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SR-72 Son Of Blackbird

From: Don Ledger <dledger.nul>
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2013 18:33:13 -0400
Archived: Fri, 08 Nov 2013 05:28:47 -0500
Subject: SR-72 Son Of Blackbird

Last Friday Aviation Week exclusively told the world about a
breakthrough that would allow a new aircraft, the SR-72, to fly
at six times the speed of sound, twice that of the SR-71 calling
it =E2=80=9Cthe Son of BlackBird,=E2=80=9D and presented a detailed report=

on the technology behind the hypersonic aircraft. The propulsion
method is being kept secret, but the odds on favourite is


"Guided by the U.S. Air Force's long-term hypersonic road map,
the SR-72 is designed to fill what are perceived by defense
planners as growing gaps in coverage of fast-reaction
intelligence by the plethora of satellites, subsonic manned and
unmanned platforms meant to replace the SR-71.

Potentially dangerous and increasingly mobile threats are
emerging in areas of denied or contested airspace, in countries
with sophisticated air defenses and detailed knowledge of
satellite movements.

A vehicle penetrating at high altitude and Mach 6, a speed
viewed by Lockheed Martin as the =E2=80=9Csweet spot=E2=80=9D for practical=

air-breathing hypersonics, is expected to survive where even
stealthy, advanced subsonic or supersonic aircraft and un-
manned vehicles might not. Moreover, an armed ISR platform would
also have the ability to strike targets before they could hide."


I can't supply an AW&ST URL to the full text because it is
subscriber only but its Blog is here:


The Skunk Works have been hard at work, it seems. It has been 23
years since the SR-71s were decommissioned. The last flight in
June of that year to the Smithsonian. To me that seemed like a
long gap and a vacuum that demanded superior technology to
replace it.

I've been positing something of this nature, a hi-bred Scram Jet
technology which is the only aircraft 'engine' capable of those
speeds. This one is
reported to be armed BTW-unlike its forerunner.

Sorry folks, no secret UFO drives here. I've also been
suspicious of the Wave Rider and other clones being dropped off
LA over the last few years. These always achieve limited success
(they are too small, basically and trip over their own dynamic
shock-waves and too small to push their airframes through what
amounts to air that is like molasses at those speeds) but since
they are relatively inexpensive as compared to the monster they
are likely masking, they are probably being used as diversions
to mask big brother. The "SR-72" will no doubt have a different
name when it is finally revealed.

The mysterious (claimed) con-trail off LA a couple of years ago
would be more in keeping with a trial involving SoBB, air
launched and landing at the Groome Lake testing area.

Don Ledger

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