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MUFON + Stringfield's UFO Crash Status Reports PDFs

From: Isaac Koi <isaackoi.nul>
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2013 22:29:36 +0000
Archived: Sun, 10 Nov 2013 20:02:29 -0500
Subject: MUFON + Stringfield's UFO Crash Status Reports PDFs

Leonard Stringfield's self-published UFO Crash/Retrievals Status
Reports (1979-1994) are now relatively rare and difficult to

A quick check on Amazon indicates (as shown at the link below)
that copies of Status Report 3 is available at price beginning
at over US$ 130, Status Report 6 is available at prices between
US$ 100 and 324, while several other Status Reports are
currently unavailable:


I'd like to upload searchable PDF versions of all seven of the
Status Reports to a free file storage website.

Russian researcher Mikhail Gershtein has already done the hard
work of obtaining and scanning the full set of Status Reports.
Sharing them would only require the granting of permission by
Stringfield's estate/heir.

Many of you recall the articles that accompanied MUFON's 2012
Symposium, such as the article at the link below entitled "UFO
crash investigator: Leonard Stringfield's research goes public",
which reported that one of MUFON's two "blockbuster UFO
discoveries" announced at that Symposium was that sixty volumes
of research by Leonard Stringfield had been donated to MUFON:

MUFON subsequently released an "Access Protocol" on terms and
charges relating to access to those files:


With the objective of getting permission to upload Stringfield's
Status Reports to a free file storage website (or seeing them on
MUFON's own website), I have asked MUFON officials a couple of
times during the last year or so who donated the files to MUFON.
I presume that the donation was made by one of Stringfield's
heirs who may be perfectly willing to give (or, indeed, may
already have given) MUFON permission to make Leonard
Stringfield's self-published work available online. I have not
received any response to those requests to MUFON officials. If
my presumption is correct, then MUFON may well be able to make a
short and simple request for permission to Stringfield's heir
(which I would be happy to draft, so that an email merely has to
be forwarded by MUFON) for:

(1) me to share a link to a complete collection of Stringfield's
UFO Crash/Retrieval Status Reports, as searchable PDF files, on
a free file storage website; and/or

(2) MUFON to make this collection available to download from its
own website.

Prima face, a relatively small bit of effort could result in
this collection of Status Reports being made available online
relatively shortly. I could upload a searchable collection
almost immediately after the relevant permission is granted.

My experience of communication with MUFON's top level of
officials has been, well, disappointing (in stark contrast to my
several years of very friendly and useful exchanges with quite a
few of MUFON's national and state directors, plus several others
active within MUFON).

If anyone has a good relationship with MUFON then perhaps they
could have a word with someone there...

All the best,


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