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Thomas Dolby Movie On Orford Lighthouse

From: Rich Heiden <rwheidenu.nul>
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2013 18:48:08 -0800 (PST)
Archived: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 05:53:11 -0500
Subject: Thomas Dolby Movie On Orford Lighthouse

This Web article deals with a movie about the Rendlesham Forest
case. The movie was shown on Nov. 7, and I didn't read this
until Nov. 11, so I was not able to attend.


2013-11-05 Milwaukee (Wis.) OnMilwaukee.com (UF,MOV,CONTACT)


CAPTION  makes his feature film debut with The
Invisible Lighthouse, a live multimedia/screening/musical
performance. (PHOTO: Bruce + Jana)

'80s Icon Dolby Brings Together Sound, Cinema And Yes, Science
By Matt Mueller
OnMilwaukee.com Reporter

Published Nov. 5, 2013 at 9:06 a.m.

Back in the '80s, he blinded audiences with science. Now, techno
pop star Thomas Dolby is hoping to open eyes with cinema.

His latest project is The Invisible Lighthouse, a live
multimedia experience about an old British lighthouse from
Dolby's past that's surrounded by memories, mysteries and a very
unamused military presence. The performance, coming to Shank
Hall Thursday night, combines Dolby's impressionistic feature
film debut with live music and foley sound effects from Dolby
and sound designer Blake Leyh to help tell the story.

OnMilwaukee.com got a chance to catch up with Dolby and ask
about the project's real life origins, making one's first movie
and how UFOs possibly fit into all of this. Oh, and SCIENCE!

OnMilwaukee.com: Where did the idea come from for The Invisible

Thomas Dolby: Well, it was really prompted by the news that the
Orfordness Lighthouse was closing this year. When I first heard
the news, I was just very sad about it, and I found that there
was this collective sense of grief among the local residents
because most of them - like me - had grown up with the
lighthouse. It'd been there since 1792, and we always assumed it
always would be.

So it's sad that it won't be flashing anymore, but it's also
symptomatic of the erosion that's taking place on our coast.
Suffolk, where I live, is very low-lying, and due to a
combination of erosion, global warming and the general geology
of Britain, which is tilting eastwards, the coast is shrinking.
Many villages that did exist are now under the waves, so it's
only a matter of time before we go the same way. So I saw the
lighthouse closing because of the threat of the sea as very bad

OMC: In your research, it sounds like you dug up a lot of
interesting background information about the past of this
lighthouse, with UFOs and things of that nature.

TD: It's the 11th lighthouse that's been recorded on the island,
and the other 10 are under the waves now. But the undercurrent
of the film is really about memory and how unreliable it is. I
have a strong family history in the area and have really
powerful memories of my childhood there. But I'm beginning to
question how much of them I've distorted and fabricated.

OMC: How so?

TD: There was a building that was built by my great-grandfather,
a huge building where they used to make malt for whiskey. In
1960, it was converted into a concert hall by an English
composer named Benjamin Britten. In 1968, there was a terrible
fire, and the roof burned and caved in. I remember vividly
staring across the marshes at the flames lighting up the sky.
Years later, my mother told me, "I hate to break it to you, but
we were actually nowhere near Suffolk that night; we were
hundreds of miles away." But when I tell this story, it's like
I'm replaying it from my memory.

OMC: So how do UFOs fit into this?

TD: Then I find about this UFO incident where these three U.S.
Air Force men claimed that they had an encounter with a UFO out
in the woods on the periphery of an American Air Force base at
Rendlesham. One of them said that he touched a craft and
received telepathic messages in binary code, then it broke up
into several globs of mercury and disappeared into the woods.


Rich Heiden

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