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Probing Extraterrestrial Abduction - NPR

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Subject: Probing Extraterrestrial Abduction - NPR

Source: National Public Radio


November 27, 2013

Probing Extraterrestrial Abduction
by Marcelo Gleiser

In the United States the first story of abduction by
extraterrestrials that received national attention was that of
Betty and Barney Hill, a couple from New Hampshire who claimed
to have been kidnapped in a UFO in 1961. There is, however,
another, earlier, story of abduction. This one dates from 1957
and centers around Ant=F4nio Villas Boas, a farmer from rural

According to Villas Boas, he was plowing fields with his tractor
when he was taken against his will by a group of ETs measuring
about 5 feet tall. On their spaceship he was put in a room where
he saw some kind of gas come out of the walls, making him sick.
Then a very attractive female, naked, with long platinum-blonde
hair, fire-red pubic hair and deep-blue cat eyes, came to him
and forced him to have intercourse. (I imagine he didn't resist

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