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Gullible Sceptics

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2013 10:15:13 +0100
Archived: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 19:23:26 -0400
Subject: Gullible Sceptics

Hello List

Have to beat this drum again, because recent posts show that
some gullible folk are still repeating the MSM mantra that
"there's no firm evidence of sightings".

I'm willing to pass over or even discount all the ancient
historic reports, because such folk would say "They spoke a
language of metaphors in those days, and most are probably
hear-say myths anyway".

But there are many reports from a more recent time when well
educated folk were already doubting superstition (including
religion) but still they saw things they couldn't explain.

Here's one from Casanova, in the mid 1700s (his memoirs are
adjudged "the most authentic sources of the customs and norms of
European social life during the 18th century"). At the time he
was rather broke and so walked overnight from Castel-Nuovo to
Rome (maybe 15+ miles on the Via Flaminia).

[Quotation Begins]

"I must not forget to mention here a rather peculiar
circumstance, which, however ridiculous it may be in reality,
will please many of my readers. An hour after I had left Castel-
Nuovo, the atmosphere being calm and the sky clear, I perceived
on my right, and within ten paces of me, a pyramidal flame about
two feet long and four or five feet above the ground. This
apparition surprised me, because it seemed to accompany me.

Anxious to examine it, I endeavoured to get nearer to it, but
the more I advanced towards it the further it went from me. It
would stop when I stood still, and when the road along which I
was travelling happened to be lined with trees, I no longer saw
it, but it was sure to reappear as soon as I reached a portion
of the road without trees.

I several times retraced my steps purposely, but, every time I
did so, the flame disappeared, and would not shew itself again
until I proceeded towards Rome. This extraordinary beacon left
me when daylight chased darkness from the sky. ...

I must candidly confess that, although somewhat versed in
physics, the sight of that small meteor gave me singular ideas.
But I was prudent enough not to mention the circumstance to any

[Quotation Ends]

Full extract and references at:


And an even more informative sightings report was made in 1883
by Jose Arbol y Bonilla, Director of the Observatory of
Zacatecas, Mexico, of what happened when he was attempting to
record sunspots.

[Quotation Begins]

"On August 12, 1883, at 08:00 am, I began to draw sunspots when
I suddenly saw a small light entering the field of the lens,
seen on the paper that I used to reproduce sunspots, and,
crossing the solar-disc, it then looked like a shadow almost

I had not recovered from my amazement when the same phenomenon
was reproduced again, and then again, so often that in a space
of two hours I could count up to 283 bodies across the solar

[Quotation Ends]

Full report and references (and a photo) at:


Those reports are from a time when there were no UFO cults and
no motivation - financial or otherwise - to make-up such
stories. Most importantly there was no Government censorship of

Samples of other sighting reports from scientists and other
educated observers are at:


which also has links to more extensive data.


Ray D

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